The Keys to Successful Goal Setting

by Jessica Locke

Recently, we were asked in a live event about our approaches to goal setting, and we thought it might be nice to share those answers with you lovely blog readers as well. Goal setting, as you might imagine, is a topic we #kitgirls hold near and dear to our hearts. At its core, goal setting is about striving to accomplish something - whether it be a better diet, an increased fitness level, more time spent with a good book or less time connected to social media. Goals are about striving and attaining, and they are integral to our mission to Do More, Be More and Give More!

However, we'd like to encourage you to see goals in a different light. By in large, we feel that goals are specific ideas that are given a deadline and unfortunately they are often temporary practices. We suggest you think less about New Years Resolutions and more about your personal EVOLUTION. The word evolve means to develop gradually from a simple to a more complex form. Isn't that really what we're all trying to do? To better ourselves - to constantly work towards the very best version of us we can be!

quarterly.jpgWhen we set goals, shouldn't they all be crafted from this perspective? We think YES! When we approach goals in this manner - with a slow, gradual, long term focus towards self-improvement, we take away the short term risk of failure. This is not to say there is no merit in setting shorter term goals - we do it all the time. Quarterly check-ins and goal setting is integral to #kitgirl planning and the way we navigate each year. We set these quarterly goals with the long-term end game in mind. We allow for hiccups and a slow progression because we know this goal achieving game isn't a passing fancy, not something we do with a temporary mindset. It's done because we are always striving to be our best version, always learning, growing, shifting and refocusing our priorities. We don't believe that any of us can define or set limits on our potential, because that is forever expanding as we do. The better we get the better we can become. That is the journey of life - yes?

When it comes to achieving goals we DO have some tips for how to best ensure success or at least consistency!

Accountability is Key

Our first and foremost tip is ACCOUNTABILITY! The best insurance against letting go of a goal is to SHARE it. That is why it's crucial that you write down your goals and log them in some manner. Equally crucial, is that you share them with someone or multiple someones so you cultivate a tribe of people who are there to support you and push you when, left to your own devices, you would quietly allow those goals to fade away like the sunset.

Share your Vision

We highly suggest you write your goals down, make them all pretty and fancy, create a vision board, develop a one word mantra, make lists (using our Goal Tracker Tear Pads!) , create a power point if you like - but get them out of your head in some fashion. Then, share them - social media provides endless opportunities for this - choose any or all that you like, but do it! Now it's time to take those written resolutions and tape them up to the fridge, in your car, at the office, anywhere and everywhere. Don't be embarrassed! Let your light shine, girl! Let everyone else know that YOU never settle. YOU are always getting better, you are a vibrant, evolving, beautiful, and committed work in progress. If they are too stagnant or too shy to craft a plan for how they are going to be their best, that's their issue . YOU want others to know and you want to surround yourself with like-minded #kitgirls who will boost you up and provide a pillar for you to stand on. Another important reason to kit-mantra-graphicpost those goals is simply so they stay in the forefront of your mind. A visual reminder will help you stay focused when life gets busy and the day-to-day details tend to take over your thoughts. Keeping an eye on your personal "big picture" will provide added insurance that you don't stray away from your priorities.

So in a way - the #1 thing we've learned about Goal Setting is that fundamentally, all goals are the same. Ultimately, they are merely steps we take on the road to our fully evolved self. They are the specific behaviors, tendencies and habits we cultivate on the way to our highest potential.

If you haven't yet written down your "evolutions" for 2017, or you haven't yet posted them or tagged an accountability partner - do it NOW! We are here to help! Join all our amazing #kitgirls and let the power of other like-minded women support and motivate you. We truly hope to see you in the group. Or - post those goals on Insta and use #Kitgoals so we can see them there.


Jessica Locke, R.D.

Team KIT