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Free Printable | Things to Do While In Quarantine

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COVID-19 got ya down? We totally understand – it’s a strange time for us all. And although we too have anxiety about just how long this will last and how we’ll survive in the interim we’re trying to focus on what we can manage and accomplish. Time is so valuable – especially when we can spend it at home with our families! So, we put together our own little list of things to do while on quarantine. Some of these are functional and some are just for fun. Who knows? Maybe this mandated period of “retreat” is something we can all find beneficial in some way? Now’s the chance to address all the things that seem to fall to the bottom of the list – we can stop saying we’ll do that “someday” and instead do it now!

  • 2 Sided Printable
  • Suggestions for Household, Family, Personal and Kitchen Specific items

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