​Bon Appetit!

How many times have you been to a party or family gathering and there’s always that one dish that you wished you’d gotten the recipe for? We all have our hands in the air right now don’t we? It happens almost every time. Some of you are a geniu…

Back to School Time!

by Team KIT
It’s that time again; back to school. With the grunting and groaning of summer vacation being over, this time of year also brings excitement and anticipation. Whether or not they admit it – everyone is ready to get back to school by about mid-…

Meet me at the Farmers Market

If you’re looking for budget friendly fun this summer, consider your local farmers market! The farmers market is one of the most enjoyable and affordable places to visit; fresh produce, homemade goodies and sometimes even live music. You can …

You make me happy

by Team KIT
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy……..Ever noticed that you may be a smidge happier in the Summer as opposed to other months? Sunshine has been linked to serotonin production, “the happiness hormone,” which relays signals to…