Your Monthly Maintenance for March

by Liz Allen

March is what I consider to be the awkward (yet enjoyable) in-between stage that comes after winter but before spring. We're inching our way out of drab weather and slowly getting ourselves ready for more daylight and more outdoor fun. I'm also a sucker for celebrating the occasions - so I jump at the opportunity to blend a green smoothie, craft some green pancakes, maybe even drink a green beer (?) for St. Patty's Day. 

The March Monthly Maintenance list is super fun, super sweet and (in my opinion) is one of the most encouraging lists we've concocted so far for building positive habits.

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Here are a few highlights for March.

Keep Connected

The month of March is host to International Happiness Day (03/20/2018) and so we couldn't help but include 3 summarized tips from our 10 Tips for Loving Life Printable. The first on the list? To keep connected. ENjoy and cherish the friendships that bring you joy. We're challenging our subscribers (and YOU, too) to touch base with a different friend each week in March. And - by touch base - we don't mean sending a text. Get out the stationery and stamps to craft a letter that will make your friend smile. 

Unplug to Unwind

March 2nd was Unplug Day. We're suggesting that this month you try to find a way to lower technology in your daily routines. Try making a habit of reading before bed, retiring your phone to your bed-side before you do, or going to bed in silence (rather than to the cast of New Girl). This month, I'm challenging myself to read a book that's already on my book shelf. I started it, but never finished. Have one of those? Mine is Jen Sincero's "You are a Badass."

Prime your House for Spring

Next month comes the Spring Cleaning madness - so use this month to prepare in advance. Decluttering your home now will make all of your spring cleaning tasks much more manageable. Just start by putting goodwill baskets around your house. As the month progresses work to fill them up with un-used items, un-worn clothes and the clutter you wont miss. 

More To-Dos to Tackle

We hope you loved this little preview into March's Monthly Maintenance. We can’t wait for you to have the full list in your hands so you can make this month count!

What big item to you have on your to-do list this March?