What I'll do Differently in 2020 | Guest Blogger Jessica Featherstone

by Jessica Featherstone

As I opened my planner today, I realized how close we are to 2020, the New Year, and the realm of possibilities. The New Year always offers a fresh start and a chance to reflect on where we have been, how we’ve grown and how we got here. It’s also a special day as we start in our new, shiny 2020 planners. (Especially for me since I opted for Ms. Charlotte as my Daily Planner). So as we head toward the New Year, I wanted to highlight a few things that I learned in 2019 and a few things I’ll be trying new in 2020.

Things that worked for me in 2019

  1. Take five minutes everyday to plan out the day. For me, I usually do this after I drop my daughter at school and before I open my store. It helps focus me on what’s really important for my day.
  2. Habit tracking. O those little habit sheets that go into the planner dashboards are the most amazing little pieces of paper for me. Every day I have things that need consistently done and it makes it easy for me to say done. I track everything from balancing my books to cleaning the cat litter.
  3. Goal sheets. The past two months, I’ve started using Kitlife’s weekly Goals sheet. I write down two or three business goals and at least one personal goal every week. It helps me focus my week and relates back to the three goals I set earlier in the quarter.
  4. I took my planner everywhere. Every meeting, every coffee shop business chat, everywhere. When things would come up that I would need to follow up on, it was easy. I just wrote it down.

Things I’ll do differently in 2020

  1. So my first thing is that the top three things to do have moved from the side of the daily page to the top so that’s a big deal for me. I do (at least) three things every day that will move my business forward. I always choose three critical things based on the goals for the week and of course quarter. Thanks Kitlife Ladies for moving that up so it’s more visible in the 2020 daily planner.
  2. Actually add something in the grateful section each day. Honestly, I’ve been super hit and miss on this in 2019. I want to focus on the simple things that I’m grateful for so I’ll be adding this to my habit tracker.
  3. Splitting my Daily top section between what I need to do and what I need my employees to do. To be honest, it took me most of 2019 to figure out what to do with the right side of my task list. Do I try to sticker it (I failed at that), do I use a tracker sticker like the food or workout one (I hate tracking my food everyday), or do I just leave it blank. This past month, I’ve figured out it’s a great place for notes on things that I need my employees to do that day. So if you are managing people, this is a great spot for notes and to dos for your employees!
  4. Read the monthly intro. I’ll admit it. I didn’t read the monthly intro after maybe March? Man, what a loss. I could have seen all the fun little days to celebrate, the reminders for monthly maintenance (and added those to my planner), and more. I’ve already read January in the 2020 planner to give me ideas on what to post on social media and newsletters for my business.

So as you reflect on 2019 and focus on 2020, how will you be changing your planning style? Let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for ways to maximize efficiency!

I'm Jessica Featherstone -  owner of Close to Heart (https://www.closetotheheartbaby.com/), a mother’s boutique, in Thiensville, Wisconsin, wife to an electrical engineer and mother to one spunky five year old girl. I'm a Certified Babywearing Consultant, Postpartum Doula, and all-around pretty awesome human being. I enjoy supporting women, babies and photography. I'm also known to make an amazing chicken and dumpling soup (ask for the recipe!) and cup of coffee. You can follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/wiarewildflowers/)  for more details on work/life balance. Or the lack thereof...