Welcome to the Party | 2018 kitlife weekly planner

by Team KIT

Have you heard the BIG news?

We have just launched our very first WEEKLY Kitlife planner for 2018 and pre-sales have started on the website. We know that all of our kitlife ladies love planners and many of you use more than one at a time. Let’s talk about who can benefit from a weekly planner, why you should use more than one planner, and some fun facts about the new 2018 Weekly Kitlife planner!

Who can benefit from a weekly planner?

  • Middle school, high school and college age students will benefit from being able to see their weekly schedules and assignment due dates at a glance. It is also a great time for them to start learning the art of gratitude and tracking wellness with the new sections in the back. They can also benefit from adding the notes add in option to the back.
  • Have a future planner in your house? Has your child been wanting your planner? The kitlife weekly planner is a great way to introduce them to the world of planning when they might not need a daily planner. And this will keep them out of yours!
  • Know you need a planner but your workload seems too routine for a daily planner or you keep most everything in an electronic version? The weekly planner is perfect for you.
  • Those new to paper planning who might not be ready to fill up 365 daily pages. The weekly planner will give you a feel for paper planning!
  • Those who are filling up a daily planner on a routine basis and need some extra space for all their notes, todos, dreams, goals, and journaling.
  • Launching a side business and want all of that info stored in one place? The weekly planner would be perfect!

Wait, yes I did just say that some of you can use a daily AND a weekly planner. How would this work?

  • Use your daily planner for everything work related and use a weekly planner for household management.
  • Use your daily planner for all things kid and house related and use your weekly planner for fitness/health items.
  • Use your daily planner for work and daily items and use your weekly planner as a gratitude or devotional journal.
  • Hate carrying your planner back and forth from work? Leave your daily planner at work and your weekly planner at home.
  • Use your weekly planner for work items and your daily planner for journaling, gratitude, health, and fitness.
  • Have two jobs that are completely different? Use your daily planner for your busiest job and your weekly planner for the other.
  • The possibilities are endless!

Did you know?

  • The clip covers for the planners are interchangeable???? So order as many as you like as they fit on each!
  • The 2018 weekly planner has a blush washed classic cover while the 2018 daily planner has a teal washed classic cover. Don’t they look beautiful together? (add in photo)
  • You have the same add-in options at the back of the weekly planner as you do for the daily planners. Budget, notes, teacher, and more.
  • Both planners are Made in the USA!

Something in the weekly planner that you won’t find in the daily planner are pages set aside for Gratitude and Wellness! 


Love this idea so you can see everything together. Having a rough day? Reread some of your gratitude entries. Struggling with health and fitness? Remember how far you have come.

The weekly planner comes with the same great features that you love in the daily planner:

  • Quarterly Check-Ins
  • Holiday Gift List Tracking
  • Doodle Break pages
  • 2018/2019 Overview
  • Moveable Planner Dashboard
  • Monthly Welcome Page features our fav seasonal tips
  • Misty Plastic Tabs *NEW*
  • 2 page monthly spread
  • Monthly Goals
  • Previous and upcoming month preview

We are super excited for the 2018 weekly planner and we think you will be to. Share how you intend to use yours!