Welcome to March

by Team KIT

Well, well, well. The luckiest month of the year has arrived. Rather than bustling through these first couple of days, let's spend a few moments welcoming this gorgeous month.

In every Keeping it Together Planner we have a welcome page that contains some pretty unique content. Here's a peek what to look forward to this month.

Character Challenge | Be Helpful

This month we challenge you, and every #kitgirl, to focus on helpfulness. Offering a helping hand can make a huge impact on those around you. Plus, it'll give you all the "feel goods" to do so. 

Healthy Eating Pared Down

Here are a few things we know for certain:

- Foods without packaging tend to be the healthiest

- Load up on brightly colored plants

- Minimize sugars

Savor the Season | Asparagus

Asparagus is in season this month. Considering picking some up at your next trip to the Farmer's Market. Try chopping up those spears to add a fiber-rich favorite into your next salad or pasta dish. 

Postman Surprises

Surprise your postman with a little note in your mailbox. Maybe even add some candy or a homemade sweet treat to brighten up their day. If you're anything like us, this also goes for the UPS and FEDEX team that frequents our shop as well.

Feather your Nest

It's about time to vacuum your refrigerator coils, wash all of your windows (inside and out) and clean out your garage. Staying ahead on these types of tasks will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by doing it all at once. 

Celebrate & Educate

Here are some dates worth acknowledging (and perhaps celebrating) this month.

Endometriosis Awareness Week | March 3rd - 9th

International Women's Day | March 8th

Chocolate Week | March 10th - 16th

Pi Day | March 14th

What are YOU looking forward to celevbrating this March?