​Welcome to August

by Team KIT

Okay, so it might not be the holidays, but this sure is our favorite time of the year! The sun is out, school is starting back up and oh yes, the most important thing... our 2018 product launch is right around the corner! Team KIT is working hard to bring you (dare we say) one of our most exciting launches yet. 

So keep those eyes peeled, planner babe! We will be releasing some sneak peeks in the#kitgirl communityvery soon!


Cucumbers, celery, eggplant, plums and berries will be stealing the show at your local famers markets and fruit stands. Remember, variety is the spice of life!


Try these unique beauty hacks: 1. Dab Vaseline on your wrists before perfume - the scent will last longer. 2. Rub antiperspirant on your feet to reduce friction and prevent blisters. 3. Spray perfume on your hair brush to give your tresses a lovely scent.


This month provides us with two opportunities to show some gratitude for friends! We have National Girlfriends Day on the 1st and Friendship Day on the 6th. So - no excuses for not showing love to your besties! And don't forget to reach out to those who might be far away - snail mail is always appreciated.


Traditionally, August is back to school month. And whether you are headed back to the classroom or perhaps you have little ones who are - there's a lot to love about this ritual. Back to school brings a renewed sense of energy, excitement and thirst for knowledge. It also brings back to school sales on clothes, books and, our favorite, school supplies! In addition to back to school pictures, pumpkin spice lattes are soon to be taking over our social media feeds, too.


College Football begins this month with the NFL cranking up soon. Did you know, in 2015 the minimum salary for a rookie in the NFL was $390,000? Or that cheerleaders are often paid about $125.00 per game? Both roles certainly contribute to the excitement of this beloved game.