Things To Do While In Quarantine

by Jessica Locke

COVID-19 got ya down? We totally understand – it’s a strange time for us all. And although we too have anxiety about just how long this will last and how we’ll survive in the interim we’re trying to focus on what we can manage and accomplish. Time is so valuable – especially when we can spend it at home with our families! So, we put together our own little list of things to do while on quarantine. Some of these are functional and some are just for fun. Who knows? Maybe this mandated period of “retreat” is something we can all find beneficial in some way? 

Now’s the chance to address all the things that seem to fall to the bottom of the list – we can stop saying we’ll do that “someday” and instead do it now!

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Around the House

1. Test and replace batteries in your smoke detectors.

2. Clean out closets – clothes, linen, spare bedroom, etc.

3. Run toothbrushes through the dishwasher.

4. Wash all tennis shoes and get them squeaky clean again.

5. Give your garbage cans a bath or even hire a service like

6. Wash the dogs and their bedding.

7. Go through medicine, cosmetics and spice cabinets and toss old /expired items.

8. Go through your socks and undies – toss any you’d be embarrassed about.

9. Rearrange your living room furniture.

10. Turn over your mattress, wash sheets and run your pillows through the dryer.

11. Run the self-clean cycle on your washer.

12. Wash your car and detail the inside.

13. Clean and organize the attic and garage – somebody had to say it!

14. Clean and sanitize cell phones, headsets, cases, etc.

15. Kids artwork – organize, sort and streamline.

16. Strive for one Goodwill trip for each week your quarantined.

Kitchen Specific

1. Get out those appliances you don’t use and give them a whirl! Anyone still storing a bread maker, dehydrator, pasta maker or maybe even an Insta Pot you never quite mastered?

2. Defrost the freezer –yep – we said it. It’s a dreaded task but now could be the time!

3. While you’re at it – clean the oven!

4. Empty out all the silverware and utensils from their drawers. Clean the drawer itself out with a handheld vacuum or damp cloth, pitch any old, crummy utensils you don’t use and any “odd” or mismatched silverware and run all the remaining pieces through the dishwasher. Put it all back neatly!

5. Go through dishtowels – toss really old ones (or place them in the rag bin) and wash / bleach the rest.

6. Get creative in the pantry and make / bake whatever you can concoct with current supplies. Here’s a blog post that might inspire you:

It’s All in The Family

1. Use Skype, Google Hangouts or Marco Polo to connect “face to face” with friends and family.

2. Watch a happy movie – now might be the time to steer clear of heavy dramas. Check out this recently published list for some lighthearted choices:

3. Puzzles, paint-by-numbers, Scrabble, Monopoly – choose a game you can pick-up and leave without interruption. That way you can leave it out and return to it often in the days to come.

4. Try using your non-dominate hand for everything – just for one full day!

5. Use Alexa! Here’s a list of popular things you can do with her:

6. Go through and organize pictures. For digital photos, we love the app Flic!

7. Change out old pictures in frames.

Personally Speaking

1. Take up sewing, knitting and / or crocheting. Any sort of hobby you’ve always aspired to master.

2. Take a class (or several) using an online educational service. We like Skillshare – here’s a link to a class and  instructor we love! Check out the two-month free option! 

3. If your Professional Licensure requires Continuing Education now is the time to get it done!

4. Clean jewelry. If you don’t have jewelry cleaner at home – here’s an  at-home recipe.

5. Snail Mail! Brighten your day as well as someone else’s by sending some snail mail. Another idea – craft or write some cute cards and hand deliver to neighbor’s mailboxes! Here’s are some  free printable options.

6. Coloring for the whole family –here are some free printable coloring sheets. 

7. Make some playlists! Music can really uplift your mood so put together some of your faves and let the “rhythm get ya!”

8. Put on a facemask and then while it works its magic clean out your makeup drawer.

9. Try out some of that self-tanner. Don't try it without first reading a few great  tips!

10. Get your fitness in. Don’t let the gym closures stop you! Here are some of our favorite at-home workouts: Tone It Up, Daily Burn, BeachBody and PaleOMG. You can even find some good (and FREE) options on YouTube