The #kitgirl Philosophy | Video Trailer

by Liz Allen

It's not every day you have the opportunity to stroll through Downtown Winter Garden with two of your best gal pals. We sipped coffee, enjoyed pastries and flipped through the pages of the planners that we've created together. 

Our goal with this video was to share our philosophy and our mission. Yes, we sure to love a good paper planner, but this is about so much more than just that.

We surely hope you enjoy!

We all want a beautiful life. One that's happy and pretty on the outside - yet equally rich and content on the inside.

We woman are so busy. Striving for a balanced life full of gratitude and productivity, wellness and joy. It's our mission to craft tools to help woman achieve just that.

The "kit" in kitlife stands for Keeping it Together. And although we are not champions of perfection, we do know that an organized life is a more fulfilling life. An dhow doesn't want that?

Kitlife started when the three of us combined our passions and our talents - to create thoughtfully designed proudcts that helped us manage both our personal and professional ives

The kitlife planner is our flagship products - and is truly the foundation to our philosophy... that life is more than a to-do list. So much more!

Yes! Productivity is paramount to success, it's true. But it can't be our only focus. Our planners and products light the way to a vibrant and balanced lifestyle - that focuses yes on Productivity of course - but also on these core pillars that we strive for:

Productivity and Goal Setting


Healthy Living and Fitness


The last essential pillar is our community. The kitgirl community is a key component of who we are and what we do. These girls strive like us to Do More, Be More and Give More. and we support each other to do the same.

A #kitgirl approaches each day with positivity.

She places extreme importance on her family and friends

She strives to be grateful every day

And works hard to be her highest self.

We encourage you to join. Life is more fulfilling when you surround yourself with like-minded friends who support and inspire you. Kitlife is the best life - and we'd be thrilled for you to join us.