The Friday Five | November 6

by Team KIT

Every week we'll share our favorite podcast episode, recipe, influenced item, a tip on living better everyday and something that inspired us. How much fun it that?!


I was already familiar with the self described “cult” leader - Mr. Money Mustache. His philosophy of less consumerism has gained him a reach of over 300 million page views! This is a replay of an older Tim Ferriss episode but I enjoyed it throughly and it gave me lots to think about especially as we enter the Holiday Spending Season.


While the girls were out of school last Friday - I made big promises for a Friday-Fun-Fall-Day. It only made sense to make donuts for breakfast, right? Detoxinista's Pumpkin Donuts were amazing - kid approved, momma approved...let's just say they didn't make it to Saturday.  


We love all things Christopher Allen! It's just true! When he launched a collection at Threadless, Jessica was READY. 

Better Everyday:

I heard about this on the Gretchen Rubin Podcast - Episode # 298 (where they also talk about stickers!!!) and it sounds like great accountability. This fun challenge program sends you a text message every day for 30 days with prompts for organizing and decluttering all parts of your life! 


2020 has been a year for the books! While there are many charged emotions - we're opting for kindness as inspiration this Friday.

What are your favorites this week? Let us know in the comments below!