The Friday Five | November 20

by Team KIT

Every week we'll share our favorite podcast episode, recipe, influenced item, a tip on living better everyday and something that inspired us. How much fun it that?!


We're longtime listeners (and big fans) of Gretchen Rubins podcast. We loved her recent episode with Rachel Hollis. If your a planner girl - you're sure to enjoy the "give yourself a sticker" reference. 


We're just going to be honest....Siete is always spot on with their creations. THEY. JUST. NEVER. DISAPPOINT! 


Jessica has been following A Thoughtful Place for several years now. Her go-to pajamas are officially on order for this years "Christmas" jammies - though they'd work perfect for any occasion. 

Better Everyday:

Keepin you mind "right" can take some work! Practicing "all-the-things" to keep our mindsets positive while we wrap up this wild-ride of a year and enter the holiday season.


Feeling all-inspired to prepare as much as possible in advance for the Holiday season. We're loving our Free Printable series for the Holidays - including the latest one that can be found at

What are your favorites this week? Let us know in the comments below!