The Friday Five | May 15

by Liz Allen

Every week we'll share our favorite podcast episode, recipe, influenced item, a tip on living better everyday and something that inspired us. How much fun it that?!

Podcast: An oldie but goodie. This is one of our all time favorite Tim Ferriss Show episodes - I mean who doesn't love some Jamie Foxx?

Recipe: The Quarantine snacking is real. This week I made a real concerted effort to get some more veggies in the fridge. Which leaves to me to seek recipes ... to make sure that produce doesn't go bad. I love this EggRoll in a Bowl Recipe, and - BONUS - so did my girls! Gotta love a recipe that is also kid-friendly.

We have been following Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life for YEARS. We love watching Courtney and  her adorable family. During Quarantine - she broke out her Ice Cream maker - and boy that seemed like such a fun activity to do with the kids. So - thanks to Courtney - I've been influenced. 

Better Everyday:

Did I mention Quarantine snacking? And  the need to increase veggies? I've been swapping my normal breakfast with a green smoothie and it has made me feel so good! A little green boost is just what my body was craving!


The entire team here at KITLIFE has been really gravitating towards the concept of inducing a fresh start. 2020 has been off to a FUNKY start, and so to us, the new Mid-Year Planners are really encouraging us to find a clean slate for a little bit of a 2020 do-over.

What are your favorites this week? Let us know in the comments below!