The Friday Five | May 1

by Liz Allen

Every week we'll share our favorite podcast episode, recipe, influenced item, a tip on living better everyday and something that inspired us. How much fun it that?!

Podcast: Let's be real. You're going to see us patting Dax Shepard on the back A LOT. If you haven't already gotten into Armchair Expert - surely we'll convince you. His latest interview with Rob Lowe was such an enjoyable listen.

Recipe: Absolutely obsessed with Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and  though this recipe has no oatmeal in it - it sure tastes like the REAL thing, baby! Another win by The Paleo Running Momma.

Influenced: Laura Beverlin influences us a ton. We've found a ton of beautiful home decor thanks to the renovating of her beautiful castle  - but she also has great style and beauty suggestions. We love this overnight lip mask SO much - we wanna shout it from the roof tops.

Better Everyday:

Being stuck at home has encouraged a lot of new and  interesting hobbies. For Jenny, executing the garden that she's always wanted has been top of the list. What a wonderful way to have fresh herbs and veggies at your finger tips all while connecting with nature.


Mother's Day is right around the corner - and so it seems obvious to acknowledge all the Mommas out there and  how much they inspire us. We can't let Mother's Day go by without celebration - Quarantined or not.

What are your favorites this week? Let us know in the comments below!