The Friday Five | March 5th

by Team KIT

Every week we'll share some of our favorites from the week. How much fun it that?! Stay tuned to see more.


We're terribly late to the game but I just started listening to the Oprah podcast from her Super Soul Conversations. I went back a bit to the Beyonce one - but it was timeless!


I made these last Brooke Bites this weekend and they are good. I put a little sea salt on top - so yummy. We’ve eaten them all already!


First book of March and officially Liz's 5th read of the year. This book I've only just started but already I can tell it's going to be my fav of the year. Daisy Jones and the Six is written in such a unique way, the style is different but all consuming. You feel like you're watching a documentary and all of a sudden I want to grow my hair out long and put hoop earrings in. (And if anyone is keeping score - this is yet again another recommendation from my favorite bookworm The Luck of the Monaghans.)


This week I wanted to share that I've found a special reason to smile every day on my traffic filled drive to work. After dropping off the girls, I see this father and  son duo (on their way to school) that are always smiling. You can tell that this part of their day is their special time together - and  it shows. I started noticing them about 4 weeks ago, and  now they catch my sight and  I so look forward to it. They don't know me, and  I don't know them - but guys inspiration is truly all around us.  There are so many reasons to smile, and I hope this encourages you to find one, too.


This week is a little influence from US!
With summer coming we’d like to suggest one of our fav self tanners. Jessica loves this Loreal Sublime Bronze Water Moose. She takes 1-2 pumps and MIXES it with her regular daily lotion and applies to her legs/arms/etc. When you mix it with lotion - it's very forgiving, streak free and not too dark. We love it and think its a good price compared to much of what’s out there.