The Friday Five | March 13

by Liz Allen

So many of you are giving us such good feedback on our Monthly Favorites - that we thought sharing MORE of what we love is the perfect next step. We're so excited to introduce a fun new Friday tradition - the Friday Five! 

Every week we'll share our favorite podcast episode, recipe, influenced item, a tip on living better everyday and something that inspired us. How much fun it that?!

Here's the breakdown!


We're big fans of Liz Moody. She's corky, honest and takes an open-minded approach to many things. She's transparent with her audience about her struggles with anxiety (in both the past and present) and in conjunction with her new series "Ask the Doctor" she released an Anxiety Edition that we have found really enjoyable. Give yourself a few days to listen, it's a long one but worth every moment.



Love at first taste. Rachel Mansfield's Chocolate Banana Bread - takes banana bread to a whole 'nother level! so as soon as she released her first cookbook "All the Good Stuff" - we had to support her. Guys - this banana bread is insanely good and was our first impression of Rachel. Talk about a lasting impression ;) 


Let's just face it, most of our purchases these days are under the influence...of an influencer. Both Jenny and I have been enjoying the Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo line. It's far better than any other drugstore dry shampoo we've tried, and at $14 a bottle - it's an easy add-on to your next Target round up. Influenced by Katy Roach.

Better Everyday:

We think contentment, happiness and being a little bit better everyday comes from a combination of things. It's not just about getting things done - it's about living a well rounded life. One of our pillars is fitness and movement. This is a hard one to get in to our already busy lives - but we feel it's crucial for a happy life. We love a good at home workout..because it's EASIER to fit in. We've always been big fans of Tone It UP - and love the free offerings on YouTube. 

This Kettle Toning workout is a steal - 36 minutes of lifting, swinging and flowing - you can't go wrong. Grab a mat, your kettlebell and some're in for a treat.


Words have a lot of power! We love a good set of inspirational words and ShineText delivers just what we're looking for. Everyday they offer a great perspective that's worth considering.

What are your favorites this week? Comment below and let us know.