The Friday Five | February 26th

by Team KIT

Every week we'll share some of our favorites from the week. How much fun it that?! Stay tuned to see more.


She’s an FSU grad so Jess has always had an affinity for Gabby Reese. She and her hubby Laird Hamilton are pretty awesome. 


Lazy Lasagna from The Sister Studio Blog. Jess made it - so easy and SO good! Perfect for a new neighbor, new mom, frozen dinner to keep on hand, etc. You can find her full stories in the "Food" highlight on Insta! 


Another great and  indulgent read is One Day in December by Josie Silver. It's a great book that reminds me a bit of a sitcom, the chapters are short and punchy making it easy to put down, and even easier to pick back up. 


With the weather being so nice this week, in Florida that is, we've been inspired by getting outside. We know many folks can’t yet due to colder temps - but spring WILL come for us all. This article is a nice reminder of all the many reasons to get out when you can. It SO good for us in SO many ways!


One of Jessica's favorite humans - Nicole Tormey is offering weekly, online stretching sessions. They are one hour of so good for your body and mind. I recently did one with her and have been influenced to spend more time on this method of fitness and self-care. Nicole is one of the most beautiful humans (inside and out) and her energy rubs off on you in the best possible way! Saturday sessions are $20.00 so really fair price!