The Friday Five | February 19th

Every week we'll share some of our favorites from the week. How much fun it that?! Stay tuned to see more.


We really enjoy Dan Harris - his book and podcast! This is not the first time we've recommended his podcast - and  it wont be the last!! 


I made these Simple Mils Pumpkin Muffins last weekend for a friend. I added raw, organic walnuts and organic dark chocolate chips (Lily’s) and they turned out great! I had not tried these GF mixes before but was impressed with the taste!


We'd heard such good things about The Winemaker's Wife - that this book was an easy pick-up. Did we mention Kristin Harmel is local to us?? Even more reason to love her.


Cindy's latest YouTube vid was great! It was a simple Q and A - but she covered some meaty topics with wisdom and wit (heavy on the wit - we love that about her!!). 


Basically anything Christopher Allen touches turns to GORGEOUS. So as soon as he shared his recent Pantry Makeover - Jess bought up several of these produce baskets

The box has little adhesive pads which allow you to adhere the box to your vanity mirror - making them really convenient and easy to use.