The Friday Five | August 14th

by Team KIT

Every week we'll share our favorite podcast episode, recipe, influenced item, a tip on living better everyday and something that inspired us. How much fun it that?!

For YEARS we've been listening to The Chalene Show - and it just doesn't get old. She's always learning, always growing and  always sharing her new knowledge with her community. If you haven't jumped on the fan-bandwagon yet, now is the time. 


It's funny how the closely connected things are on social media. Once I heard Kimberly Snyder once, now she's everywhere. I've ordered her books, am listening to her podcast constantly, and am enjoying a daily dose of GREEN with her Glowing Green Smoothie


We're always keeping an eye on Sister Studio (she has so many great recommends) and this SuperGoop Glow Screen is simply amazing. Loving it so much - no surprise it was one of her most popular weekly sellers.

Better Everyday:

Anytime I'm in a bit of a "funk" with working out - I tune into my fav girls at Tone it Up. I've been working out with Karena and  Katrina for years, and  they always inspire me to get back into the grind. I've def been enjoying my walking / running routine, but it's so nice to add a little more movement into my weeks. 

(Especially loved this 15 minute Power Yoga sesh with guest trainer, Emily)


Jordan's feed is always great to look at - we really enjoy her. This particular recent post has a message that is a MUST read for all of us girl bosses. Appreciate you Jordan - thanks for spreading such a powerful message. 

What are your favorites this week? Let us know in the comments below!