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The Friday Fav | May 21 2021

The Friday Fav | May 21 2021

Posted by Team KIT on May 21st 2021

Every week we'll share some of our favorites from the week. How much fun it that?! Stay tuned to see more.


It's a Podcast we already love with a brand with we already love. What could be better?
Kendra Scott on The Skimm.


I love a little sweet treat after dinner from time to time, and these little no-bake "energy" balls are no-fuss and  contain ingredients I already have lying around my house. We made them the other night and we all enjoyed them. The perfect small sweet treat for the evening sweet tooth.


Instagram has done it again. Once you see stair wallpaper, you can't unsee it. Feeling inspired by this gorgeous concept!


The One by John Marrs was recommended from one of our favorite Insta accounts, the book came at perfect timing as it's now a show!


Ok, ok. So we can't quite remember who influenced us - but these aromatherapy shower bombs are awesome. Put them in the shower with you - not directly under the stream of water - but nearby. They are effervescent and make the shower smell divine!

From the Hubs:

Jessica bought this bluetooth speaker for Shane - for their summer NYC trip. It splits in two parts so it's great for creating surround sound in an airbnb, at the park, etc. Should be a great traveling speaker!

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