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The Friday Fav | June 25

The Friday Fav | June 25

Posted by Team KIT on Jun 25th 2021

Every week we'll share some of our favorites from the week. How much fun it that?! Stay tuned to see more.

You know when you get to know and love an influencer so much that their celebrations become your own? It may seem weird, but in a world filled with social media connection - this is where we're at. We were so thrilled to hear about Jordan Younger's pregnancy - and loved every moment of this podcast episode on Soul on Fire where she reveals the deets. 


Always on the hunt for a good gluten free bread, and by George we found it! We're loving the everything bagel thins by O'Doughs (hope our Publix starts carrying the bread soon). Whether you choose gluten free options or not - these bagels are SO good. 


So I went on a little detour in my fiction book journey - but I'm back at it, baby! I'm a big fan of reading when I travel (esp on airplanes and during car rides) and I finally got into this read. (Another recommend from @TheLuckoftheMonaghans). My Lady Jane is a little more fantasy then the previous fiction I've read - but I'm HERE for it!


As many of you may have seen through our Instagram stories - I had the opportunity to be do a few night Adult Summer Camp with Camp Runabout in Pennsylvania. I went with a grade-school friend and met so many wonderful people. I was even more thrilled to meet someone from our home-town (Winter Garden, FL). The event was so fun, and I left feeling so inspired by new accomplishments and new friends.


Well - the influence has finally taken it's toll. A good friend of mine has been RAVING about the Peloton for months, and I've finally given in and placed my order. It's coming in Tuesday and I'm already dying to ride. Any other Peloton riders in our #kitfam? 

From the Hubs:

My husband recently ordered these Cloud Runner shoes by ON and he's loving them. Not only are they super supportive for his pronation, he likes wearing them casually too. 

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