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The Friday Fav | July 8

The Friday Fav | July 8

Posted by Team KIT on Jul 8th 2021

Every week we'll share some of our favorites from the week. How much fun it that?! Stay tuned to see more.

We've mentioned Juli many-o-times on this blog and on our social accounts, and we'll continue to spread the love. She's becoming more positive and inspirational with every day that passes and we're here for it. This episode about her recent "woo-woo" experience was so interesting to listen to.


For the Fourth this year, my family did a little throw back to childhood with this flag cake. A simple Angel-Food cake topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit. You'll have yourself feeling like Lady Liberty!

A strong recommendation from our fav bookworm! Upon their sixteenth birthday, triplet queen heirs to a magical kingdom must fight to the death using each of their own unique powers to be the last one standing. It’s not just their birth rite - last queen standing gets the crown!

A series about sisterhood and the family we make that will have you rooting for them all!

As always, check out Ashley's Instagram account for more book recs. 


Alright, alright it's another Peloton reference. But truth is, we've been following Ally Love for more than just an instructor on Peloton - she's got great vibes, amazingly fun style - and is just so super uplifting. 


Another influence from The Sister Studio IG - let's face it the girls got great style. Not to mention, Jen Reed loves a good bargain. These shoes are so cute and great for those with wider feet!

From the Hubs:
With some recent travel, hubby and I decided we needed some small desk fans to keep airflow in hotel rooms. Us Floridians are SO used to airflow of ceiling fans which hotels never have. Now that we've got them, we're using them absolutely everywhere including bedside at home!! This fan is small but mighty!!

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