The Friday Fav | July 30

by Team KIT

Every other week we'll share some of our favorites from the week. How much fun it that?! Stay tuned to see more.


Jess has been a fan of the On Purpose Podcast for a while. It's a longer format - but she's a fan. And who doesn't LOVE a podcast interview with Will Smith?


If you know, you know. Gimme all the crunchy things. Catalina Crunch is a fun spin on cereal and it sure tastes like childhood!


Jessica's current read. She's on a roll!


We spotted this on instagram, and  read it (more than) a few times.

From the Hubs:

Trying to further jazz up our home gym with wall art and hubby picked this out. Everything from Ikonick is fun, but this one's the winner for us!