The Friday Fav | August 13

Every other week we'll share some of our favorites from the week. How much fun it that?! Stay tuned to see more.


Another great episode on the Life is Short with Justin Long podcast. Loved his latest interview with Deepak Chopra!


Jessica is loving this I am loving this simple, casual sweatshirt from Old Navy - influenced by Jen Reed. 


Love a good and simple dessert recipe. You know - something that you can whip up in a matter of minutes after you completed your dish-washing battle for the evening. This 5 minute Banana Ice Cream recipe is my go-to! 


Jess just finished The Plot. She and her hubby both read it. A bit of a slow start - but the ending was WHOA!


New IG follow - @brunchwithbabs. So fun to see someone in an older generation trending! Love her no-nonsense approach and her kitchen/life skills are definitely teaching me some new things! 

From the Hubs:

Self-care isn’t just for the ladies! Jess's hubby Shane has been enjoying stepping up his self care game with this face scrubber.