​The Diary of the Quarantined | Getting Back to Business

by Liz Allen

Yes – we’re all in the midst of change. We’re all learning how to cope with this temporary “new normal” one day at a time. It’s been nothing short of a challenge as we all take on new responsibilities, new rules and new restrictions.

But, we’re all in this together - and for the greater good. I find comfort in knowing this.

I’ve been adjusting to working from home, and working without colleagues. It’s been tough trying to find time to get work done all while my girls are at home. Not to mention, the lack of adult conversation leaves this social gal with an empty tank.

The beginning was a bit easier. Perhaps it was even a little bit fun.
For us, in Florida, social-distancing and business closures started around Spring Break. So, in this house, we treated week one like a staycation. Bike rides, movies, walks, dips in the pool. It was a laid back week that made for the perfect transition into working from home.

Since then, we’ve added more structure. After a week of loose rules and plenty of play, I was craving more routine and really wanting to get myself “back to business.”

As a small business, we take our commitment of serving our community of #kitgirls to heart. We know the road ahead would be challenging for us all - and so we got to thinking...

What do we all need right now?

How do we best serve our community during this time?

Little Accomplishments Really Add Up

We worked to craft a “Things to do in Quarantine” printable to encourage our community (and ourselves) to find a sense of productivity and accomplishment while within the four walls of our homes. Though we’ve all fallen victim to enjoying a little Netflix binging – after a few days we may see our sense of self-worth weaken. Doing projects around the house has given my mood a boost and I've found so much truth in the concept of "outer order, inner peace." It turns out doing something small each day really adds up. 

The Small Businesses No One’s Talking About

We also started to consider what this lock-down might mean for businesses. A social distancing order has encouraged businesses to pivot their plans and reconsider how to best serve customers (we are not excluded from this!). Restaurants are now doing curbside pickup, grocery stores are shifting to pickups and deliveries and recreational businesses have pivoted to Zoom. But what about those businesses no one's talking about? The Direct Sales / MLM business models. We really believe this may be YOUR time to shine.

Direct Sales Business Worksheets

With experience in this arena, we began to focus on developing tools to help those in Direct Sales flourish. Our new Direct Sales Business Worksheets are now live, and are serving those aiming to thrive under these unique circumstances. 

Learning to Balance Work and Virtual School

For the Mommas out there who are balancing working from home with managing their children’s Distance Learning schedules – I see you. Being a woman who does best with routine, I reached out to our community on Instagram to see if the Distance Learning Schedule I crafted and stuck on my fridge would be of any benefit. The answer was a clear yes.

This simple schedule has made a big impact on our week days as it encourages routine and helps to keep the littles on track. This schedule (and our Whiteboard Sheet) have both contributed to my sanity while taking on the additional responsibilities of a homeschool parent. I have always appreciated our Teachers, but I have never appreciated them more!

As of right now, we don’t know what’s ahead of us, but we know we’re safe at home.

What sort of support do you need while in Quarantine? How can we best serve you?