The Art of Planning | Guest Blogger Karen Seifert

by Karen Seifert

Hello all! I'm Karen Seifert, and I will be 63 in August. I live in Mt. Juliet, TN with my husband, Tom, our cats, and dog. Ours is the home where stray cats show up, and currently, we have 5. I am an Instructor, and the Director of Education at Nashville College of Medical Careers. Crafting has been my passion, and therapy for over 25 years, and I have been blessed to be published in several Craft magazines including Art Journal magazine. They asked me to write an article about the “art of planning”, and they published several of my Planner spreads. You can follow me on Instagram @kjseifert56.

I was drawn into the Art of Planning by all the fun, and beautiful products that were available to embellish Planners, and there were a multitude of Planners to choose from. After YouTube binge watching Planner reviews, I chose the Keeping it Together Daily. I love the space to add my art, and appreciate the inspirational quotes at the bottom of the pages. Besides stickers, stamps,and washi, I also will write Bible verses, sermon notes, and sometimes write lines from my favorite hymns, and Christian songs.

As a crafter of over 25 years, I have a great accumulation of stamps, inks, stencils, pattern paper, a die-cutting machine...well I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

These were the products I started with to decorate my planning pages.

I joined the #kitgirl Facebook community, and found there was more to planning, than I thought.

Meal planning...really?...that's a thing? I just wing it and figured everybody else did too.

KITLIFE did a live interview with My Nguyen, author of “My Healthy Life”, a recipe book for breakfast, lunch, dinner, slow-cooker, and even smoothies and dessert. My husband, Tom says, “Karen doesn't cook, she just heats stuff up.” He speaks the truth, but My's recipes were so quick, and easy, that even I was able re-create them. Her cookbook is available on the KITLIFE website.

Are you in Direct Sales? KITLIFE did an interview on that too with Katie Cardoza Farner a Super Star Director with Scentsy, who shared her story of choosing to overcome insecurities, and rejection, and is now confident and blessed with her successful business. And did you know KITLIFE offers Planner add-ons for Direct Sales?

KITLIFE not only creates fabulous planners, but they continue to encourage, inspire, and motivate, through their website, blog, Facebook, and Instagram. I encourage you to follow any of their Social Media sites It might be just the thing you need that day.

KitGirls also have a sense of humor. Did you see the photo of Jessica wearing a shirt that says “Coffee til Cocktails?” She had a coffee cup in one hand and a bottle of something in the other.

It got me thinking of some other possibilities:

Kale until Cake

Proactive until Procrastination

Reps until Recliner

Any day you can smile or laugh is a good day!