It's Game Day, Yall!

Football season is upon us! Football, friends, fun and food – these are f-words we can get excited about! The game of football as we know it dates back to the late 1800’s and is really a combination of both soccer and rugby. Aside from the colo…

Back to School Time!

by Team KIT
It’s that time again; back to school. With the grunting and groaning of summer vacation being over, this time of year also brings excitement and anticipation. Whether or not they admit it – everyone is ready to get back to school by about mid-…

#kitgirls Geaux Wild in 2016

When our team found an online tribe of women who band together solely based on an admiration for planners - I felt right at home. Well - almost. Initially, when joining the group, I was honestly too scared to post. I sat back and watch…

April Favorites

by Team KIT
As you all can probably tell, Team KIT is new to the Periscope world. But boy! Do we love having the chance to chat with you all. Earlier this week we shared with you guys some of current favorite items as the month of April rolls into it's end. The…

The Planner Addict Box

by Team KIT
Planner gals sure do love all things paper! When we stumbled across the Planner Addict Box whilst perusing our favorite YouTube channels - we knew we had to get our hands on one. Turns out My Planner has created this subscription box that is filled w…