Summer Planning

by Jessica Locke

For those of us with kids summer planning is a must! And in my house – it’s well underway. 12 weeks off from school sounds like a dream until you’re hit with the daily reality of how you can keep your family occupied and engaged in fun ways that don’t break the bank. Plus – since most of us parents still have to work we’ve got to keep ‘em busy AND figure out how to add “taxi driver” to our list of job titles!

As I begin to make travel plans, enroll in camps, sign up for classes, etc I’ve found my Monthly Desk Scribbler  to be super helpful. I’ve been using the undated pages to plan specifically for the summer months and its all been coming together perfectly. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve done.

1. First, I used 3 of the undated pages to begin to pencil in family travel, volleyball camps and other classes we’ve already committed to. Since this is early in the planning stages I used pencil until I could verify with the hubby and my daughter that all the dates and times were firm.

2. Next I took three more of the undated sheets and began to transfer everything over this time in pen. Because the Scribblers are a generous 25 pages the fact that I’ve used 6 pages to essentially plan for 3 months is fine! It still leaves me enough undated pages to plan for an entire 12-month period if that’s what I want to do.

3. As I began to make solid plans for June, July and August I chose specific colors for Travel, Volleyball and Other. I put a little color key at the bottom left of each month so we can easily see what type of activity is planned for which days or weeks.

4. I also used the bottom right hand section to write in “other notes” – things that needed to be done in preparation for the start of school and travel plans that were for Mom and Dad only (Whoo-Hoo!).

5. Then, I populated the pages with all the events, added some fun stickers and posted it prominently in our kitchen/family room area.

Although I am loving the colorful Monthly Desk Scribbler you see in these pics, we also did a neutral version for those #kitgirls who like more of a blank slate. 

For me, this worked SO well and I feel like I’ve got a good handle on the upcoming summer. I hope it might be useful to you as well!

And of course - If you’ve already got a stellar system for summer planning - please share! Lets help one another prep for a summer full of FUN!