Spring Renewal | Free Printable

by Liz Allen

Spring makes me think of blue skies, flowers blooming and birds chirping - it's truly a season of fresh feelings. Spring is also the perfect time to refresh life a little bit - and not just in the ways of a spring-cleaning fest (though it's a good time for that, too!). The New Year is well under our wings - it's a great time to stop, reflect and see if we need to adjust our sails or correct our course. This spring I'd love to encourage each of you to do just that! 

So first thing first, snag our Spring Renewal Free Printable.

A Good Spring Clean
When it comes to spring cleaning, think outside of the typical weekend cleaning box. We want to dig a little bit deeper, dust a little bit higher and refresh the things that don't fit into our normal routines. Now - when it comes to a good household scrub down, don't try to fit everything in to one weekend. You'll end up feeling rushed to get it all done, and may even burn yourself out. A good spring cleaning overhaul is a once-of-year kinda thing, so you don't want to skimp!

- Wash household pillows | Both decorative and the functional - they deserve a good refresh.

- Wash bed skirts | Rid dust and allergens with a good wash! 

- Re-organize linen closets | High use closets (like linens) tend to get a bit disorganized over-time.

- Flip mattresses | Balance out the wear and keep the mattress feeling fresh.

- Clean AC filters | Don't forget the ventilation grills! 

- Clean and dust blinds | Swiffers can be super useful to fit into these small crevices

- Clean window sills | And of course - open those windows to air out the inside! 

- Dust light fixtures and ceiling fan blades | Don't forget to lay down a towel / garbage bag if you've got furniture underneath

- Deep clean dryer vent | Vacuums with smaller nozzles are especially helpful for this linty clean-up

- Clean refrigerator coils | Get that dust and grime gone to keep your fridge running cold all year

- Take garbage cans outside for a good wash down | A little vinegar goes a long way!

Closet Time!
As you prepare for spring, spend a little time refreshing your closet and garments. It'll leave your wardrobe feelin' fresh for the season.

- Reorganize your closet | Stow away the winter goods and make room for the spring-like items. After this long winter, you wont miss those sweaters!

- Garment Drawer refresh | Consider soaking a cotton ball or two in your favorite essential oil and place into your garment drawers. The essential oil scent will fill your drawers (pun intended).

- Shoe shinin' time | Scrub down your flip flops and wash your tennies. Bonus points to sprinkle a bit of baby powder into your close toed shoes (but user beware, too much will have you leaving powder prints everywhere...!)

The Great Outdoors
When spring arrives, you're likely to spend more and more time outdoors. 

- Refresh flower beds | Swap out those annuals for spring colored flora

- Clean leaves and debris from rain gutters | Get your gutters April shower ready, and enjoy clean gutters and May flowers.

Freshin' up the Menu
While you're freshening up your home, don't forget to freshin' up your fridge and produce selections! Your tummy and tastebuds will thank you!

- Gather new salad and smoothie recipes | And the more the merrier! 

- Fill your kitchen with seasonal produce | So many wonderful fruits and veggies make their way into season for spring - so load up and enjoy every bite!

Self-Care Renewal
We sure do have the tendency to focus on all of the other stuff, but we're making self-care part of our spring renewal routines. 

- Deep clean your makeup brushes and makeup bag | Rid the bacteria and old makeup residue that's being harbored you're makeup will appear fresher than ever as a result!

- Toss any expired beauty products | Beauty products do have an end date. Rid any items that are past their prime!

- Treat yourself to a face mask | Combine it with a bubble bath for double the trouble ;) 

- Paint your toes | A little treatie treat for your toesies, be sure to spring for a fun color! 

Now, when it comes to Self-Care, these sweet little practices are only the primer for the bigger picture. Self-care means taking care of you, your body and your mind. Consider taking our Self-Care Course.

What does the season of spring mean to you, #kitgirl?