Settling into your Planner | Guest Blog by Tiffany Sapp

by Tiffany Sapp

Settling into a new planner. Or planners...

It’s a new year!! Which for me means it’s one is the happiest times settling into my new planners.

This year I went with:

  • The Michelle Luxe Weekly for my planning
  • The Addy Daily for my scripture/ journaling
  • And, The Kitlife Daily Lite in the matching color-block for my daily to do list and brain dump. 

If you aren't someone who needs a separate journal or you don’t copy scripture, a Kitlife Daily Luxe may be sufficient for you. 

I chose the word "Flawed" for 2020. I'll either copy a scripture or a quote to help me focus. 


I really missed decorating (and daily decoration was a little overwhelming for me!). I also missed the bonus pages the Weekly Luxe offers - so here I am :)

Week 3 into the year and this system is really working well for me. Plus the planner stack is beautiful. I’m so thankful that the kitgirls are thoughtful with the design process and really think through each color combination.

I am loving the space the daily offers for recording notes on Drs appointment, memory keeping from vacation, recollections from my scripture writing, and so much more. My weekly layouts are beautiful thanks to so many shop owners. And my daily life is a big ol' jumble of scribbles which is precisely how I intended it to be used.

Whether your planning system is pretty, plain pencil/pen, or something in between the important thing is that it works for you!! It doesn’t have to be the envy of IG - it just need to help you Keep It Together.

How is your 2020 planning going? Is your system working for you?