September Kitgirl Monthly Maintenance

by Liz Allen

Gretchen Rubin says that September is the new January. And perhaps she's speaking mostly to moms of school aged children - but we tend to agree. With our Planners for 2019 already for sale, our kids back to school and the summer heat coming to a close, it feels like opportunity is before us and we are lovin' it. 

The September Monthly Maintenance list is a great way to celebrate this newness with tips that range from fitness routines to sprucing up your cutting boards. 

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Here are a few highlights for September:

Choose Exercise Carefully

Don't throw in the towel on exercise with a glimpse of 2019 right around the corner. Stick to health. Choose an exercise routine you can stick with and cross that finish line proudly.

Determine your Go-To Meal

Instead of dialing a pizza chain on your next super busy evening in, figure out an easy to make go-to meal for when decision fatigue hits hard.

Guard your Ears

Surround yourself with positive people, have positive conversations and take a break from negative news.

More To-Dos to Tackle

We hope you loved this little preview into September's Monthly Maintenance. We can’t wait for you to have the full list in your hands so you can make this month count!

What big item to you have on your to-do list this September?