Self-Care in February | Guest Blog by Kelli Adams

by Kelli Adams

It’s February! Valentine’s décor abounds and love is in the air. While it’s wonderful to celebrate our love for others, women often fail to take care of themselves. Let’s end that in 2020 and talk about self-care!

Self-care takes many forms. It can be as simple as a face mask or a bubble bath or as deep as a self-help book study or therapy. Social media influencers would have you think that self-care has to be expensive (lavish skin care, massages, luxury retreats). Combine that with the nagging guilty feeling that taking time for yourself is somehow selfish, and it’s a wonder we take care of ourselves at all. Both are untrue – self-care doesn’t have to be a pricey Instagram-worthy extravaganza and you can’t be there for others if you have nothing left to give. Self-care is essential, so take the time to identify the methods that you enjoy the most and from which you can most benefit.

One of the reasons I love my kitlife planners is that there are built-in reminders to take care of yourself! Both the weekly and daily layouts include a self-care indicator. I use both layouts, though I primarily use the self-care indicator in the daily layout. It’s very tempting to just continue your list of to do items into the self-care line on a very busy day but DON’T. Take the time be intentional about how you’re taking care of yourself on that day. I find that I honestly need the self-care even more on the days when I’m extremely busy.

Planners can remind you to take care of yourself, or they can provide the actual self-care. Taking time to prioritize, brain dump, organize your day, or many of the other ways you plan can clear your brain of extras and provide calm and focus amidst chaos. For me, as someone who enjoys decorating my weekly planner, self-care comes from the creative process in developing my planner spread each week. On Saturday night I spread out my stickers, pens, and washi in front of Netflix with a full glass of whatever I’m into at the moment and get to planning out the week. My son is in bed. My husband is occupied with his interests. It’s MY time to be creative and unwind, and I love that time. I’m not someone who skips weeks in my planner or forgets to plan because the dedicated time is so important to me.

Now it’s your turn! Give yourself permission to make yourself a priority. Make a commitment to a daily or weekly self-care practice and create a new habit. Track it in your planner and watch your progress. Start with a brain dump on a notes page of all the self-care activities that you both need and enjoy. Come back to this list when you feel frazzled and need to get grounded again. Best wishes on your self-care journey!

I’m Kelli Adams – a high school counselor, a huge Broadway fangirl, and a wife and mom living in Fort Worth, Texas and coping with epic wanderlust. I’m also a planner and theatre content creator on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and at Come follow me on all the things and let’s chat planners, self-care, theatre, travel, or whatever!