Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

by Ashley

Earth day is probably one of my favorite holidays. I’m totally a self-proclaimed tree hugger and would do anything to help save this beautiful planet we live on. It is heartbreaking to me when I hear how fast our home is being destroyed. 

In case Earth Day isn’t something you typically get excited about here are are some environmental statistics that might spark your enthusiasm and your actions!

  • Each year 29,157 miles of forest is cut down for manufacturing.
  • There are 2,054 species in the world that are considered endangered or threatened and 1,436 of those species live right here in the United States.
  • Only 1% of China’s residents breath air that is considered “safe” due to air pollution.
  • Every day in the Unites States there is enough trash produced to equal the weight of the Empire State Building.
  • Producing a single hamburger uses enough fuel to drive 20 miles and causes the loss of five times its weight in topsoil

“Saving the earth” is definitely not a one person job. But, if everyone does their part and works together we can make a measurable impact. Check out this list below and see how many of these simple habits you can incorporate into your routines. You might notice how many of them actually enhance YOUR life while doing the same for our planet. Win-Win Baby!

20 Simple ways to save the earth every day:

  1. Bring your own to-go mug to your local coffee shop to keep from wasting plastic cups and lids. Not only do you get to use your favorite “boss lady” cup but some coffee shops will actually give discounts to those who bring their own mug.
  2. Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot water. Washing your clothes in cold water helps save energy.
  3. Using a microwave when possible. Great news for those of us who love a good shortcut - microwaves use 50% less energy than conventional ovens.
  4. Buy in bulk to reduce the amount of food packaging waste. For example, one large bag of rice uses MUCH less plastic than five small bags. Make sure you only do this for products you use mass quantities of so you don’t replace plastic waste with food waste!
  5. Fix leaky faucets. This stops you from using unnecessary water and can save you money. On average, 182 liters of water is lost every week from just one leaky faucet.
  6. Unplug computer chargers, appliances, and other electronics when not in use to conserve electricity and lower your electric bill.
  7. Don’t use plastic bags at the grocery store. Use super cute reusable grocery bags! There are a million different designs so you can stay fashionable AND eco-friendly. Visit to see 21 of these adorable reusable bags.
  8. Use reusable water bottles to keep plastic bottles from being a hazard to the environment. There are so many cute reusable water bottles out there. I bought a 32oz Nalgene bottle and a bunch of cute motivational stickers for it. Now, I can save the earth while keeping myself motivated.
  9. Turn off the lights when you leave the room to conserve energy and money!
  10. Car pool! If you live close to a coworker, have your own edition of carpool karaoke on your way to the office to save money on gas and to reduce the amount of cars on the road. Less cars on the road means less carbon and pollution emitted into the air.
  11. Replace your light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs to save 66% more energy.
  12. Grow houseplants to improve air quality in your home. In particular, spider plants are a great way to help purify the air. Plants such as lavender not only purify the air, but also aid in helping you sleep better!
  13. Take the stairs. This isn’t just great for the environment, but for those stems too! You can get that cardio in, build some muscle, and be eco-friendly at the same time. A tri-fecta of good habits!
  14. When brushing your teeth, turn off the faucet to save water.
  15. Dry your clothes on a hanger instead of in the dryer to stop carbon emissions from being produced into your home. This will also keep clothes in tip-top shape longer, prevent shrinkage and minimize wrinkling.
  16. Turn off your desktop computer at night to save 40 watts of energy per day!
  17. Print double sided to save paper. If you want to do even more for the environment, print on recycled paper!
  18. Combine errands into one weekly trip to save gas. Instead of taking lots of little trips all week, batch them up and accomplish them all on one day!
  19. Natural lighting is not only the key to the best selfie possible, but helps save the environment! Less energy=happy earth.
  20. Get outside to run instead of using a treadmill. Although I love to run on the treadmill for the sake of being able to personalize my running experience, getting outside is not only good for you but good for the environment.

And if you’re looking for something fun and festive - These are the cutest (and easiest) cookies to make to celebrate 

Earth Day! They would be perfect to send to school with your little one or bring to the office to spread some Earth Day cheer. All you need is a store bought box of sugar cookies, the ingredients listed on the box, and some food coloring.

Follow the directions on the box, then split the cookie dough in half. Add a couple drops of blue food coloring to one half and a couple drops of green food coloring to the other half. Take a small piece of dough from each half and roll them together into a ball creating a marble effect. Follow the directions for cooking, and BAM! These mini earth cookies are done.

How are you #kitgirls celebrating Earth Day? Please extend the conversation and share your best green tips and tricks by commenting below! We would love to hear from YOU!


Team KIT