PlannerCon 2018

by Liz Allen

The first time we heard about PlannerCon was from Amy Tangerine. In 2017 we were headed to Go Wild as she was preparing for PlannerCon. We knew that in 2018 a California visit would be on our list! When we got in touch with Louise Umeki (head of PlannerCon) the phone call was almost two hours long! Her and Jessica hit it off right away. It seemed apparent that kitlife would be joining PlannerCon in some capacity come March.

And that we did. 


As the dates approached for us to join over 1000 planner-loving-women in San Francisco, our excitement escalated. And naturally, we did what any entrepreneur would, designed more products to share with the amazing crowd. The PC team promised tons of shopping opportunities for attendees, and we wanted to be sure to give those gals what they came for. We brought along with us our 2018 Daily PlannersWeekly PlannersA5 Inserts and launched at PlannerCon our Bujo Books (bullet journal / dot grid notebooks), Keeping Tabs NotebooksCoffee Plan Repeat Tote Bag and Woman with a Plan Tote Bags. We could not believe the amount of support we received from the attendees as a vendor. One thing is for sure, there was plenty of time for these gals to shop, shop, shop!

Woman with a Plan Planner Tote BagCoffee Plan Repeat Planner Tote Bag Bujo Book Dot Grid Bullet Journaling Spiral Bound


Between Saturday and Sunday, there were 5 Workshop Sessions to chose from. We were so honored to be in this lineup - and thrilled for our incredible turn out. Thanks to all the ladies (and gentlemen) who joined us for some Goal Getting action.

Planners 101 | Michelle Ledesma Hill with Polka Dot Whimsy

Travel Bullet Journal | Amy Tangerine

Creative Lettering | Brittany Lutz with Tombow

The Magnificent World of Memory Keepy | Layle Koncar with Carpe Diem

Memory Keeping | May Flaum

Faith Journaling | Jennifer Lasik with Starfish Living

Take Your Traveler’s Notebooks to the Next Level | Layle Koncar with Carpe Diem

Beginning Lettering | Jessica Park with Sakura of America

Stamping | Nicole Rixon with Sweet Stamp Shop

Bullet Journal and Mood | Kara Benz with Boho Berry

Building and Growing Your Etsy Shop | Alex & Kayla Benda with Oh Hello

Hobonichi Workshop | April Wu

Goal Setting | Jessica, Liz & Jenny with << that's us!

Digital Planning | Brian Taylor

As a vendor and workshop hosts for the event, we didn't sign up for any of the workshops. However, it seems that everyone we spoke to really enjoyed the content that was provided in each session.


The nice thing about the schedule was that whenever a speaker was booked, all vending shut down. It was a nice time to be able to close up shop, socialize a bit and of course - listen to this amazing lineup.

Kristy Dickerson from Start Planner

Kevin Crowell from Carpe Diem

Brian Taylor from Evolve Youniversity

Erin Condren from

Nicole Rixon from Sweet Stamp Shop

Julia Langhein from Filofax

Amy Tangerine

The lineup was right up the alley of a planner girl. Full of inspiration, energy and excitement. 


I'm always a big fan of panels. You get the chance to see some of your favorite companies represented, and you get the chance to see them all interact and engage with one another. At PlannerCon this year, there were 2 panels, broken into the following groups:

Panel 1:

Kayla Benda from Oh Hello Stationary Co

Angel Elizabeth from PenGems

Irene Kwong from Simply Gilded

Melissa Dufner from Posh Pieces

Panel 2:

Mommy Lhey

Andrea Gray from retrohipmama

Kara Benz from Boho Berry

Jessica Locke from kitlife

The panels had us all laughing, clapping and falling even more in love with some of the names and faces we know from the Planner world. Alex Benda did an excellent job as moderator for both sessions - wouldn't be surprised if he spotlights as a comedian after his designing day is done.


Though there was no food or drink included with PlannerCon ticketing, the team chose the hotel very wisely.  3SIXTY in the Atrium included everything from cappuccinos (Jess could tell ya about those) to a full menu restaurant and cocktail bar. We dined here for every meal with the exception of Friday nights room service delivery. The variety was enjoyable overall, and we did get run in to planner girls every time we dined.

The fish tacos, blue burger, truffle fries and brussel sprouts were among our favorite selections, but the list certainly goes on.


I must say - the accommodations were PERFECT. Not too big, not too small - just right. Everything was in easy walking distance, the hotel staff seemed to manage our group size perfectly and the distance from the airport was simply MINUTES. When you come to an event where you know you wont be leaving the hotel, close proximity to the airport is a must. 


Everyone was asking - and so we thought we'd chit-chat our experience out on Facebook Live.


Here are some pictures we took and y'all took from PlannerCon 2018! Have one you'd like to share? Email it to to be featured in this blog!