Plan with Me March

by Liz Allen

There must be something about getting older and realizing how fast time passes? I mean, I don’t remember being in high school thinking - geez louise this semester sure flew by! It always seemed the opposite, right? Everytime I sit down to write a blog that is specific to the month, I always want to open with a “can you believe it’s already...”

What is that?

So here goes...can you guys believe we’re almost through March? Just a whopping 12 days left of this beautiful month.  We are going to be quickly greeted by an interesting April 1st this year which is an ironic combination of Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day. Not sure what to do with that one.

March has truly been a treat of a month. We started this month with a BANG by heading to San Francisco to hang with about 1200 gals (and guys) who love planners just like we do at PlannerCon 2018. We returned to normal life after a red-eye back to Orlando, where we learned just how good our Jenny sleeps on planes. It’s a talent for sure. And since our return, it seems that we’ve been spinning our wheels getting settled back in, and beginning to plan for our kitlife planner launch for 2019. I know, I know - it’s early. But you can never be too early when planning a planner, right?

So we’re here today for another Plan with Me - this one for March. And though this month was not more or less busy than any other month, this month has really showed my true planning colors (or lack there of). There were unproductive days (specifically the day we returned from PlannerCon - momma needs her sleep) and there were really productive days. This last week, in fact, I had several back to back days where I was on FIRE! But, there is a common theme in my daily planner..and that is it - a lack of color. I only wish I could find myself combining both color and function all the time. Not just adhering the random Design Pandemonium sticker who looks so scared and alone in a sea of pencil, but an actual functional layout using these beauties that I love so much.

You hear that April? That’s a challenge. I’m coming for you.

Now on the other hand, my kitlife weekly stands strong as my sticker soldier. I don’t even have to try! Planning with stickers in her seems to be the only way. The format and function of a weekly layout works perfectly for me to get stickers in while still having the “week at a glance” spread that I hope for. This month I’m using stickers from the crazy cute Sweet Kawaii Designs, and I’ve really fallen into a good groove with her stickers. Though not made specifically for our planners - they work really nicely in the weekly horizontal spread that we have. 

Did I mention, Tesia (the owner) is a #kitgirl? She uses her kitlife Daily Planner for work planning. 

Here are a few of my favorite spreads. Don’t laugh at my daily chicken scratch.

Though I’m working to implement more decoration, I’m productive and proud of it! :)

Weekly Spreads

Daily Spreads

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