Plan with Me | Getting New Year Ready

by Team KIT

There's nothing quite like waiting to use a new planner for the year ahead. The anticipation to take pen to paper on January 1st is something we enjoy each year.  A new year is a fresh beginning for many, many reasons - and the fresh slate of a ready-for-action planner is an exciting part of it. 

Admittedly, I struggled with my cover selection this year. Don't feel sad for me - I love our covers so much this year that I couldn't quite decide which one to commit to. Well - the decision has been made and now I'm ready to jump on in. And - January is quickly approaching! Here's a few things I'll be doing to get my planner New Year ready. Previously I committed to our Classic - but was slowly swayed into the Crown Edition (that blush pink was after my heart!).

Brain-Dump Important Dates

A major benefit of paper planning is feeling more prepared. Getting important dates into your planner is a perfect place to start breaking in your pages. However, we always love a good brain-dump before we etch dates in - so we highly recommend our Occasions to Celebrate Free Printable. Snag your old planner, browse Facebook, pull up Outlook and take a look for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings and Travel and jot them down into each month. 

Input Dates in Monthly Calendars

Once your date brain-dump is done, start adding the dates into your calendar pages. Being able to see all the important occasions at a glance will help you know which months may be too busy - or perhaps which months could use a little extra celebrating.

Mark the Day - and a 2 Week *Tickler*

Once we begin using our planners, we may not flip back to the Monthly tab all that frequently - so getting your important dates on the actual day spaces is important. Also, set yourself a "gift" reminder 2 weeks before the date. This way, you can avoid sending the "belated" birthday card again this year.

Start thinking about Quarter 1

If you're a #kitgirl - then you know all about our Quarterly Check-Ins. Now is a great time to start reviewing your first check-in so you can be ready to SLAY your Goals the first quarter of the year. Oh - and keep your eyes peeled for a little extra OOMPH if you may need it.

What is your favorite way to "break-in" your new planner?