Plan with Kristin Ann | Guest Blogger

by Kristin Ann

Happy February, kitgirls!!

It’s a month of love. But it’s not just about relationships, marriage or dating. Love can be found in other places. Hobbies can be about love, I think. And I love my planner. I love planning. I love stickers and washi. I love being organized. And I love our community. It has given me so much and brought so many amazing people into my life. So I guess, you could say, I am in love with planning. I would say we are in a pretty serious relationship, facebook and Instagram official and all.

I think one of the things that I love about the planner community is the inspiration, ideas and beauty we find in each other’s planners. So this month, I thought I would share my planner set up and the process to get it to what I wanted.

My planner has changed a lot, since last February. I am now in a Kitlife weekly planner. Last year, and many before, I was in a Kitlife daily. I think what I like and what I missed about a weekly planner was being able to see my entire week at once. I also was running out of layout ideas or themes for daily. Being back in a weekly, I have a consistent color or theme for each week. At the top I can have my daily to-do lists. I can decorate a bit differently. I can use my washi without my planner feeling as bulky. Overall, two months in, I am loving the weekly even more than my daily, and I did not think that would happen!

This month, as I sat down to plan, I had this idea in my head of the whole month being pink and bursting with love. After all, it is almost Valentine’s Day. A day of love, candy, flowers, romance and all that typical stuff. For me, I never really loved the day. In fact, it is probably my least favorite holiday. But, this year, it feels different. Maybe because this is our first one engaged. Maybe because I know that for the next one, he will be my husband. Oddly, this week turned out to be the least pink and valentines-like of all my weeks! But this kit is too beautiful and I was excited to have something different than typical Valentine’s Day kits.

I found myself reaching for a lot of pink, black and white stickers in the other weeks. Not that this is unusual, as I love using those colors. I even have a binder full of all pink stickers! But in my head, it was more representative of love and valentines and all that romance stuff.

When I sit down to plan, I like to lay down basics, like washi and boxes for work and meetings and also headers. I do this for every week. I pick a color or theme for each week. Sometimes it is because of a kit I have, other times just a color scheme I like. Then I add in smaller stickers, quotes and to-do lists, when I get to that week.

Everyone has different routine and ways of planning. This is just a tiny part of mine. For me, these basic steps really set up beautiful pages. Ones that are functional and help me keep my life together. Obviously, what I do may not be the same as others. And it does change and evolve, but overall, I really love the pages of this month!

Happy planning,

Kristin Ann