Pause that HUSTLE

by Liz Allen

As gals who are constantly tackling our tasks lists – and adding more to it – it’s easy for us to get sucked into that “hustle” mentality.

You know the one…

Get more done 

Just keep swimming 

Can’t stop, won’t stop

But over time – we’ve come to realize that the task lists don’t cease – and if we want time to focus inward, we have to stop and create that time for ourselves.

When we created the KITLIFE Luxe Planners, we did so to scratch our own itch. We wanted a tool that would help us cultivate and maintain the lifestyle that we wanted. One filled with productivity – of course – but more importantly, we wanted a lifestyle that balanced happiness, mindfulness, activity and gratitude.

Along with an array of unique planning prompts, a very thoughtful component of the KITLIFE Luxe Planners are our Quarterly Check-Ins (which – you guessed it – come once per quarter!). We love this quarterly reminder to learn, grow and to become a little bit better everyday.

Each Quarterly Check-In focuses on a specific personal development topic and is tied to 2 worksheets. The first worksheet encourages some inward thinking, problem solving and action planning.

2020’s Quarterly Check-In Topics:

Q1 – Habits 

Q2 – Confidence 

Q3 – Emotional Intelligence 

Q4 – Anti-Hustle

A BONUS Quarterly Check-In is included in December. It’s the perfect time of year to tie up loose ends and reflect back on our progress and successes throughout the year. Both of which are key for walking into the New Year ready to rock and roll!

The second worksheet is an internal deep-dive, a personal inventory, where we ask ourselves the tough but oh-so-important questions. Questions about our progress, physical health, mental wellness and the goals we have for the quarter ahead.

Some questions included in the Personal Inventory:

• How have I progressed since last quarter? 

• Is my internal dialogue positive? 

• Activity Levels?

Just as we all look forward in anticipation for the New Year, us #kitgirls get the chance to celebrate a new beginning every quarter.

What tools do YOU use to help you maintain the lifestyle you want?