November Favorites

by Team KIT

November seriously flew - between the typical end-of-year travel and the big shopping holidays - we kept ourselves quite busy. Though our biggest focus was ensuring we had plenty of products for our customers to snag - we still did our fair share of purchasing. Here's a few of our favorite things from a month that was truly a whirlwind.

Favorite Things

Pop, Lock and Socket (I think I'm funny...)

Ok, so I know I'm late to the party on this Pop Socket thing - but honestly - fragile phones should just INCLUDE them. I bought a cheap one on Amazon after I had to replace my phone from yet another tragic screen crack. I figured I could use any extra security measure to help protect my phone. From general phone usage, to sending email and taking photographs - this pop socket is my new fav gadget.

Must have Lip

If y'all haven't heard of Beauty Counter yet - you're missing out. We ordered this natural pink lip and it's a fantastic set. It's also a smaller size - perfect for keeping in your clutch or pocket. 

Expensive - but oh so worth it - Socks

We're going to be honest and admit that these are a tad expensive - but they are hands down the best no-show socks ever. AND - to help make us all feel a little better about the price - the company gives away a free pair for every pair sold. Gotta love that one-for-one effort.

Dyson Does It

This may just take the cake for being the least sexy item on the list - but trust us when we say this vacuum does the job. Jess was in the market for a lightweight cordless vacuum for her house - and I was quick to help her validate the Dyson Stick Vac as the perfect purchase. It's strong, comes with attachments that ALL serve a purpose and it's my number one stunna' when it comes to quick and easy clean-up. If I didn't already have one, it'd be on my Christmas list for sure.

An Amazon Win for Winter

Winter doesn't come often (or for very long) here in the Sunshine State - but when it does come you best believe we get our Amazon carts ready. We're suckers for a good blanket scarf and this neutral is the perfect pairing for our short-lived winter wardrobe. 

Fierce in Fringe

We love working with Baby Mama Sew Shop on our designs. She does a great job bringing our visions to life - and we love supporting her. This beauty started as a dream - and wound up better than we could have ever imagined. Super luxe, super buttery and super fierce. We're so excited to welcome our Fierce in Fringe accessory clutch into our shop. 

UGGs Takes on a Whole New Meaning

I've always loved UGGs as a shoe brand, but I had no idea they got into the bedding industry! While walking through Bed, Bath & Beyond in search for the perfect holiday throw - I spotted this from across the store. There was no turning back. When I see things I feel like I "have to have" I love to play an over/under game to help me justify the purchase. The price tag on this beauty exceeded my max spend - but - secret's out...I got it anyways. Thank goodness I always have a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond.

Personal Development

Advent of Kindness

The Monday after Thanksgiving, our favorite YouTuber Christopher Allen announced that in addition to Vlogmas, we were all going to do an Advent Calendar together.  We're suckers for a good Advent Calendar  - but never have we ever seen one more KIT-like. We downloaded this Advent of Kindness | Free Printable instantly. Go snag it and play along with us for the month ahead and spread some kindness this holiday season.


Family Road Trip

In the week leading up to Thanksgiving, my little family of 4 took our first road trip. Now, my youngest one is 3 - so you can imagine my concern when my hubby originally brought up the idea. So, we decided to stay close overall, and never sat in the car for longer than 5 hours at a time. We traveled to Savannah, Beaufort, Charleston and then circled back to Saint Augustine on our way home for turkey time. We did our best to hit all the kid-friendly foodie spots including Lowcountry Produce - what a stellar breakfast (and environment).

Small Business Saturday

Most of you may already know that we've been doing this e-commerce thing for years - well this was our first ever Small Business Saturday with a store-front and it was QUITE the experience. We received such an outpouring of support for our sweet little shop from the City of Winter Garden. We were busy, busy, busy all day long and really enjoyed being able to celebrate all the heart and hustle we put into what we do.

What were some of your favorites in November?