Nighttime Habits to Slay the Day

by Jessica, Team KIT

The Night Shift

For most of us gals – the hours between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm are really just a “second shift” where there is much of the day's work still to be done! Despite wanting to crash on the couch and watch TV with a bowl of cereal, most of us spend the evening hours making dinner, packing lunches, assisting with homework, finishing up laundry, giving littles a bath, reading, bedtime rituals, cleaning, and all sorts of other home and family care duties.

It seems there isn’t much time for rest and even less time for preparing for the next day. However – preparation for tomorrow is truly critical for success! We want to encourage you to make time for one more thing each night – what we call Head Start Habits! Head Start Habits are something we’ve perfected with time and they all but insure a smooth morning and a great start to the day!

Outer Order

“Outer Order Equals Inner Calm”

This is a quote we love from Gretchen Rubin; it really speaks to what we’re describing. As one of her Secrets of Adulthood, Gretchen says that “for most people, an orderly environment helps them feel more energetic, more creative, and more cheerful.” Spending just a few minutes each night to “close up shop” and go to bed feeling accomplished and prepared – will repay you with peace and positivity the following morning. When you wake up 

(before everyone else we bet!) you can get out of bed without that harried, frantic feeling that comes from knowing there are 50 things to get done between now and when you need to leave! All it takes is a well-organized task list and about 10 minutes. Oh, and a bit of good old fashioned “gumption,” too! You see – we agree – when you finally do get a chance to sit down at the end of the day the last thing you want to do is get back up! But, we promise – if you can just muster up 10 minutes of effort you will be SO THANKFUL tomorrow morning. Try it for us – won't you?

Our suggestion is that you make a list of those items that, in your household, are must-dos to get out the door smoothly in the morning. Things like get lunches prepared and packed, making sure electronic devices are charged, keys are located and clothes are set out. You can also add in a few non-critical items that if done will create a cleaner 

canvas for tomorrow. These might include unloading the dishwasher, packing up your car in advance and finishing up 

any laundry. We bet there are PLENTY of tasks to choose from.

Now, once you have this all-important list in your mind you MUST capture it on paper! Use one of our To-Do Tear Pads, which fit perfectly into our moveable Dashboard feature. We’re obsessed with paper, planning and pretty things so you know we dress our list up with stickers, washi and even lamination baby! Post it to the fridge, pantry door or even in a frame set upon a small easel. It has to be visible so it can serve as a reminder as well as motivation!

Add a Dash of Self-Love

After you’ve created your Head Start Habits List and mastered its routine implementation -we have an additional challenge for you! You can take this same approach and apply it to your nighttime beauty routine/habits too. What? You say, “who in the heck has time for a night time beauty routine?” Well – YOU DO! Surely you are already doing the basics – like washing your face and brushing your teeth? Fingers crossed you are taking off your makeup, too!?

(Please say yes!)

So now all you do is take that a couple of steps further and create a list of other beauty/self-care related items that 

you might do on any given night. Maybe you like to put on a face mask once a week? Or perhaps you keep saying you’re going to start using an eye cream every night before bed? (my daughter calls the small wrinkles around my eyes “crinkles” – cute – I don’t think so!) Or even better – actually USE that Clairsonic you got for Christmas last year. All you have to do is add these items to your “Self Care List” – post that baby up – and voila! We guarantee you’ll get at least some of these 

items done.

Granted – what you see above is a long list (some of us need more "help” than others – don’t judge! :-)) ! Not all of these get done each night. But- with this list tapped to our bathroom mirror we can pick a choose a couple of “extras” each night depending on how we feel. A little goes a long way here – if you can just take one or two extra steps after the necessities you will go to bed feeling more pampered and pretty!

So, Get To It!

Setting yourself up for success is what we’re all about around here. To get you started, we’ve attached a Daily Wrap-Up free printable from our Time Management the #Kitgirl Way online course.

We’d love to hear how you might incorporate a Daily Wrap Up into your home routine! And PLEASE share any tips you're already using to streamline your mornings so they’re set up for success!