My Planning Style

by Heather Hannen

Hello lovely KIT ladies! My name is Heather and I have been a kitgirl since day one, with this being my first time as part of the launch team. Being a kitgirl has been such an uplifting, positive experience and has shown me that I am not alone in this crazy exciting planner world!

When trying to determine exactly how I plan I really had to take some time and reflect on my methods and habits. I really had to get in my comfy spot with a glass of robust red and get inside my head! How I plan? With my heart. Why I plan? Like many of you, I strive to be as organized as possible in my hectic life.

I do not treat my planner as if she (yes, she) is just a calendar. I see her more like my best friend and diary. I am a huge fan of putting the pen to paper and writing has always been a therapy for me. I love journaling and found that I could be organized and journal all in one place with the right planner. I allow myself 15 minutes each morning with my planner to consider daily development and what I am grateful for at that moment. My beautiful KIT planner has her own space on my desk and is open all day so that I can easily record my daily life. I am a daily planner-girl and I appreciate the extra space to write and make notes. I try to write all reflections down as I may be able to learn from, grow from and possibly turn them into new healthy habits if applicable. You will find daily food diaries, post-its, important dates, random thoughts, special events, travel dates and doodles throughout. I take comfort in the fact that not only can she can tell me if I have a doctor’s appointment, but that I took all my vitamins on January 26th and whether or not my water intake was acceptable on July 18th. I enjoy opening my planner and see everything handwritten- and colorful. I am a big fan of colorful pens and I regard my pens like I do my shoes; you can never have too many!

Here is a quote that I read recently that holds a lot of truth:

The pen and the written word hold a great deal of power. -Andy Biersack