Meet Launch Team Member | Jennifer Braun

by Jennifer Braun @solaplannerdesigns

As many of you know, KITLIFE opened up the opportunity for a select group of gals to join our efforts in spreading the #kitgirl spirit for our 2020 Launch. Keep your eyes peeled for our Launch Team on Instagram, Facebook and in on #kitgirl Community.

We're pleased to introduce you to Jennifer Braun. Be sure to give her a warm kitgirl welcome in the comments below!

Hi Y’all,

My name is Jennifer Braun. I’m originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. I moved to Aspen, Colorado in 2005 where I discovered my career in Human Resources and found a love for traveling and meeting people from all over the world. After spending 8 years in the mountains, I returned home where I now live in Madisonville, Louisiana with my husband and two fur babies, Ralphie and Tucker. Yes, Ralphie is named after the main character in my favorite holiday movie, The Christmas Story. Since I was two years old, I have always had a love for dance. I competed on the T.V. show Dance Fever and also danced for the New Orleans Hornets NBA dance team for 2 years—which was one of the best experiences of my life. Recently, I’m back in Human Resources now working for a residential construction company.

I started utilizing a planner when I began working in Human Resources. It started out with your simple At-A-Glance planner and then grew into a Franklin Covey planner. Franklin Covey was the first planner I remember being able to pick out different folio covers and the design of the layout. For me it paved the way to personalize and customize today’s planners. Over the years my love for planners has evolved. Planners originally became a checklist although they have become so much more than that. I have found that my planner has become my one stop shop at holding me accountable for my organization. I now use my planners for social media content, personal life, work life, fitness, journaling and goals. My planner accommodates all aspects of my life. I enjoy looking back on certain dates, memories and any events that may have stood out to me. My planner goes everywhere I go - “don’t leave home without it”.

The KitLife Planner is exactly what it stands for - Keeping It Together - and so much more. The planner is functional and allows creativity throughout. The monthly overview is where I make note of appointments and meetings I have, whether it is work related or personal. I like to color code with a highlighter so that it stands out from other appointments. I love the welcome pages that include self-care tips and other suggestions. You can always reflect back on these pages and truly use it anytime throughout the year. Once the month has past, I like to remove them from my planner and post on my organizational wall board. The weekly layout is designed for me to make a list of all things that I need to complete for each day. If something goes uncompleted, I move it to the following day. Who doesn’t love highlighting something off the list?! I know it gives me pure satisfaction. As you can see, my planners are pretty simple when it comes to decorating. As much as I love stickers, washi-tape and sticky notes, I typically have more white space than anything else. I love adding little pops of color to my planner, but simplicity truly is the key for me. Let’s not forget about the beautiful and inspirational quotes throughout the planner. It adds a special touch to reflect on each day. I’m looking forward to using next year’s KitLife daily planner for my morning pages. Routines are very important to me. Setting intentions in my KitLife planner while enjoying a cup of coffee is the perfect start to each day!

When you first open your KitLife planner, you will notice an introduction page about Goals. KitLife has developed a method for setting and achieving goals you want to set for the year. They provide helpful resources and a quarterly check-in to list the goals. You are able to remove a section of the page so that you can place it on your fridge or post it at work. One of my goals this year was to focus on fitness to gain the self confidence that I use to exude. With that being said, the next section Self-Love is the perfect way to focus on the love we need to exhibit to ourselves. Too often we tend to put others first instead of taking care of our own needs and wants. Learning this has been a huge part in my fitness journey this year. I knew that I had to put an action plan in place if I wanted to see results. This section the planner identifies roadblocks, new pathways, successes and lots more. It continues to remind me to keep on track and keep moving forward.

The planner community has grown so much over the years. It’s incredible seeing women supporting other women and lifting each other up. Liz, Jenny and Jessica have created a beautiful planner that provides the tools to be organized in your personal and professional life. They believe in the importance of productivity, goal setting, gratitude, mindfulness, healthy living and fitness. This speaks volumes to me personally. Who knew that planners would have such a huge impact. At the end of the day we all utilize our planners differently and in turn, we get inspired by one another. Remember that your planner does not need to look perfect, it’s okay to get it messy and enjoy the perfect imperfections

Happy Planning!

Jennifer Braun