May Favorites

by Liz Allen

May was an amazing month. We've made major headway on our 2019 Keeping it Together Daily Planner, and we've also MOVED OFFICES into the beautiful and quaint Winter Garden. The wheels are in motion for an amazing 2019 season - if only the Covers for 2019 could be a "May Favorite" - but SHHHH we've gotta keep this secret for now. Want to be among the hear more about our 2019 releases? Subscribe - and you'll be "in the know."



You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream. We, like many, enjoy the occasional indulgence. And Halo Top ice cream is one of our favorite sweet treats - especially with Summer approaching. We all have our favorite flavor, I for one am obsessed with anything Oatmeal Cookie (this doesn't' stop at Ice Cream...), Jessica's heart flutters for Mint Chocolate Chip and Jenny has a crush on Cookie Dough.

What's your fav Halo Top flavor?


Our Jessica is always "in-the-know" on the great makeup options and she's been loving this sheer crayon as her go-to lipstick. I would put Jess's opinion above all others about lipsticks - it's one of those makeup items she loves!


So, I've been on the hunt for a wing back chair in my living room that's not going to break the bank. I have this bare corner that's been staring me right in the eyes since I moved in (almost a year ago - folks!). My neighbor told me about a furniture warehouse called At Home - and I went ahead and took the plunge - driving 45 minutes to get there. I found the perfect chair at a fair price and now my living room corner is happier than ever.


This Podcast came highly recommended by our friends from Design Pandemonium. They like our Jessica have an obsession with all things Hamilton. So, Hamilton Fans unite - this is not a podcast you want to miss.


I love the concept of a subscription service. It's so fun to receive mail (that's something other than my water bill). For months I've been eyeing this subscription that offers super clean meats in a bundled package. After hearing the owner of Butcher Box in an interview with Chalene Johnson, I convinced my husband to take the plunge. So far we've enjoyed their uncured bacon, wild caught salmon and heritage pork chops and we are in love. This will be a stick-with-subscription for us for sure!


Who doesn't love supporting a good cause? And, on top of that, who doesn't love them some Ellen?

This shirt is super soft and made the perfect Mother's Day gift for Jenny's sister. Jenny snagged herself one too in the process and is loving it!


Moving to the "City"

As many of you may have seen, we've been "on the move" for the last several weeks. We've planted our new offices right near Plant Street in Downtown Winter Garden. We are huge fans of this sweet little town, and the shops and restaurants that surround us have got our hearts already. What a pleasure to have an office space in a spot that you absolutely love.

Hammock Beach Resort

You know that show Cheers? I'm not going to lie, I've only seen it a handful of times - but what I do know is that they all go to this bar where everybody knows their name. I'm the kinda gal that really loves the regular. I like going to the same spots, enjoying the same food that I already know I love - and this is how I feel about Hammock Beach. This is our 5th trip, and nowhere near our last. The ocean, the dining, the pools and the memories are worth every penny.


The Pleasure of Snail Mail

Doing things for others is a sure fire way of feeling good for yourself. So, for self-love sake, send some snail mail and reap the benefits of making someone else smile.