March Favorites

by Liz Allen

I'm really not much of a spender, we'll call that the influence that years of dedication to Dave Ramsey causes. That's probably why I love putting these blogs together so much.

If they've got my stamp of approval, you could say they are likely worth the spend. 

March has been a fabulous month that has proved to us that we are on the cusp of big changes - but change (and the ones we are looking forward to specifically) can be a good thing in deed. Stay tuned, #kitgirls ;)

March has brought some beautiful weather to us Florida girls, it brought us Spring on the 20th - and it has brought us a few of our favorites things...


Little Black...Backpack

Since the moment I met Jenny - she's always had this thing about backpacks. She used a backpack as a gym bag for the longest time and always uses one to tote around a change of clothes, etc. With a bit of an uptick in our travel in the last year - she's been on the hunt for a super versatile backpack / purse / carry-on option and she struck gold at her local Marshalls when she found this Tutilo backpack. She's had it all month, has travelled with it to both San Francisco and Thailand - and is still IN-LOVE. 

Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Face Mineral Lotion

Sunscreen can feel super duper greasy, and that's about the worst thing ever when you're out in the sun (perhaps even sweating) and you've got it gooped on your face. The season of change is here, now that it's Spring we'll all be headed out for that Vitamin D more and more - it's time for some sunscreen to protect that beautiful face of yours. 

This fragrance-free, non-chemical sunscreen helps to even skin tone (hello make-up free opportunity!) and is not greasy like the many others out there. It withstood the Jess test in Panama this Spring Break - and so it's got our stamp of approval. Even better? It's at Target and on Amazon.

Flower Necklace

I'm not big on shopping for jewelry, and some how it's typically the more "costume" style jewelry that I'm more attracted to. I recently picked up an adorable floral necklace that I have worn twice now,  and by golly this necklace has gotten me more compliments than any other piece of jewelry I own. And the best part? It cost me $5.00 from (are you ready for this....) Walmart. Yes, I was strolling through Walmart to pick up a few items before travel and stumbled across this necklace, loved it, noticed the price tag and put it in my cart immediately. It goes to show you - you never know where you'll find a hidden gem! 

Amy Tangerine Planner Pouch

Here's the thing about Amy Tangerine..
there is just a lot to love about her. Beautiful lettering, insanely creative, adorable son, super down-to-earth, the list goes on! So when we found out about her Planner Pouch we knew we had to have one, not only because it's extremely cute, but we also wanted to support her and her girl-boss self. 

Did we mention the Planner Pouch perfectly matches our kitlife Daily Planner for 2018?

It's a match made in heaven.


Lucky Market Sip and Stroll

The near-by city of Clermont just recently got a new store called Lucky Market. Any of you have those? Man-o-man it's the bees knees. My husband and I literally spent 90 minutes in the store just gawking at all the goodness it had to offer. It's like a mix of Trader Joes and Whole Foods - but they beat them both by offering a Sip and Stroll station at the front of the store where you can purchase $2 beer, $3 wine or local Kombucha on tap. Yes - I'm the nerd that chose option 3 merely because I was so excited at the idea of the Kombucha on tap concept. They even have a cup-clip for your cart so you can set your drink down as you stroll. Genius!

"Paleo" Pancakes

Hate to put a label on these pancakes - but I sure do love a grain-free / dairy-free pancake option. Gone are the days that I try to mix a banana with eggs and pray for a good turn out, this Pancake Mix by Birch Benders was recently picked up by Costco and I'm so stoked. We've had it in our pantry for a mere 5 days, and we've enjoyed pancakes twice since then.


PlannerCon 2018

PlannerCon in San Francisco this year was an absolute blast. Though we slept less in those 3 days than we typically do in a night at home - it was well worth the extra cost of coffee. Read more details about our trip to PlannerCon here.

Series 2 Powherful & Productive

On the 24th of this month, I excitedly joined a group of Orlando Girl-Bosses at Orlando City Hall for Series 2 Powherful & Productive. Though I arrived after one of the panels was already over, this event hosted by Nyesha Carey and moderated by Zahide Wallace was a knock-out. I only wish I was there for the entire event as the conversations were rich, impactful and I left on a true girl-boss high.


Talk it Out

Finding people who are interested in the same things that you are, and having the opportunity to talk about those things in great length can be memorable as well as exhilarating. In 2 occasions this month have I had the opportunity to be engaged in these type of conversations - and the result? Uplifting and empowered.

Orlando Lady Boss - Podcast

I've just started listening to the Orlando Lady Boss podcast on ITunes and Diana is an absolute joy to listen to. Her laughter is truly contagious and the woman she speaks to are all mega girl-bosses. Was so glad to meet her this past weekend. We're also super excited for Diana's interview with our very own Jessica Locke to be released this Friday.