kitgirl Spotlight | Sweet Kawaii Design

by Liz Allen

We stumbled across Tesia Royer during our 2018 Launch Season. She did a YouTube Planner Walkthrough of her order and we fell in love with that sweet voice of hers. Jessica thinks Tesia's voice belong on radio or television - and I tend to agree. 

Tesia got started in the craft world making small figurines and selling them on Etsy, but was always a planner. She'd buy her stickers from chain craft stores and began to recognize there might be room for her in this space. She convinced her husband (and business partner) to launch Sweet Kawaii Designs.

In April, Tesia played hostess at the Confetti Carpet and the Planjama Lounge at the 2018 Go Wild conference. While in attendance she was also invited to sell her product line in Michaels, the largest American arts and crafts retail chain. Talk about full circle!

Here are our BIG 3 highlights from our spotlight with Tesia Royer. We loved getting to know her and her business even better - and were also excited to celebrate some of the recent "big wins" for Sweet Kawaii Design.

1) Separate Work Life from Home Life

Tesia's Dad gave her the great advice to take care of herself first, so you can take care of your businness. 

So, about two years ago she decided to do just that. After running herself into the ground for years, she decided to set a hard line between her work and personal life. She confirms this to be one of the best and most energizing decisions she's made.

2) Ask for Help

We asked Tesia about how she balances both the creative and operational parts of running a business. We find that as creatives, sometimes bouncing back and fourth between creative and operational tasks can be challenging. Getting back into a creative mindset after sorting through spreadsheets can be difficult! 

She shared, drum roll please, that she asks for help. How beautiful and simple is that?

We all know how hard it is for women to ask for help, but she said learning how to communicate about the things she needs help with form her partners has really been a game changer.

3) Having Fun with Community

Something I love about Tesia's Facebook Community is that she's constantly sharing on there. She plays a very active part in communicating with her gals - and even shares screen shots as she's designing. It's easy to get caught in the "motions" of business - so this focus on her own relationship with her community is a super stand-out quality to us.

If you didn’t have the chance to watch this interview live – come watch the replay. It was such a fun chat – we know you don’t want to miss it.