Kitgirl Spotlight | Retro Hip Mama

by Liz Allen

We had the pleasure of meeting Andrea at PlannerCon 2018 in San Francisco. We were absolutely thrilled when she sat front row during our workshop on Goal Getting - and even more thrilled that our Jessica got to sit alongside her for the PlannerCon Panel. 

Andrea is a crafter, YouTuber, Instagrammer and creative team member for some of the most well-known names in the industry. She has also recently released her very own Magazine; Retro Hip Magazine

She's the "jack of all trades" when it comes to crafting - and it started very early on. From doll fashion, list making to scrapbooking - she's done it all.

Here are our BIG 3 highlights from our spotlight with Andrea Gray. We loved getting to know her and her business even better - she's a mighty force this one.

1) Roll with the Changes

Andrea walked away from PlannerCon feeling motivated to open her shop. She wanted a way to get her designs and influence into the hands of more people. She giggles as she shares the story of how the a travellers notebook project "snowballed" into a full-on Magazine publication. We just adore her open spirit about the evolution. Sometimes, products or projects become something far different than the original intention - but boy oh boy is there beauty in progression.

2) Take it Back

Andrea's views on digital technology mirrors ours quite a bit. While technology and advancement is so neat - there is also something so special about type-writers, work-books and work-sheets. The connection between a new magazine and a retro vibe is the perfect way for Andrea to lay her work on the world.

3) Make Memories to leave a Legacy

We discuss an episode from Andrea's Podcast where Memory Keeping is a key topic. The gals chat about how Memory Keeping and Scrapbooking provides a creative outlet in the present moment - but it's more than that for your children and families. It's a way of telling your story, and as Jessica suggests - perhaps it's also a way to describe your legacy in a visual way.

If you didn’t have the chance to watch this interview live – come watch the replay. It was such a fun chat – we know you don’t want to miss it.