Kitgirl Spotlight | Plan with Laken

by Team KIT

We've adored Laken Edwards since the moment we met her at a Planner Conference (Go Wild) in New Orleans several years ago. This gal is pure JOY. She is truly a bright spirit and she'd be hard not to love. Her zest for life (and planners) made us instantly connect - and we've stayed in touch ever since. After Laken made a recent visit to our Planner Boutique in Winter Garden and snagged a 2019 Keeping it Together Weekly Planner for work - we knew we wanted to have her as our October kitgirl Spotlight.


In September Laken did a Self Care challenge on her YouTube channel - and it was super. We played along a bit and even participated with a giveaway. Laken really enjoyed it and shared that she really learned a lot about what self-care means to different people. So inspiring that Laken used her platform, and dedicated her personal time, to help encourage women to focus a bit more on themselves. 

Her favorite take-away? Lighting a candle in her NYC apartment when she gets home from work. 

And her tip about maintaining some good self-love in the last quarter of the year (which we all know can be SO hectic) - don't try to make everything perfect. So simply put - but so unbelievably necessary to hear. 

Planner Girl

Laken became a planner girl back in grade school, loving on the generic school supplied agenda that she got in the beginning of the year. Walking into college, she jokes, she realized that planners don't come with your education. Years later she's what we love to call "Planner Famous" with a large Instagram following and YouTube channel subscribers. Everything started organically - she just started sharing her planner spreads. It didn't take long for gals to gravitate towards Laken's planning and personality. 

When we asked Laken, how'd she get started in all of this and what tips might you have for someone who would like to go after a similar goal? She says that you can't WAIT for things to be perfect. When she first made the decision to make YouTube videos she spent a ton of time researching lighting and how to make things perfect. Finally someone said to her "Your video is not going to be perfect - you'll always look back and want to change things." We love Laken's advice to just START. 

If you're not already following Laken, we definitely recommend it. In fact, she's currently doing Vlogmas AND she's hosting a KITLIFE Giveaway on her Instagram.