kitgirl Spotlight | My Healthy Dish

by Liz Allen

We first “met” My through a Facebook Community we frequent; Planner’s Gone Wild. She was hosting a Healthy Eating Challenge in celebration of Wild 30, and during her introductions she shared her very own planner with the group. We were thrilled to see that it was a kitlife Daily Planner – and right away we knew we couldn’t wait to meet her.

My is a self taught chef, health influencer, writer, food explorer and, to our delight, she’s also a #kitgirl. My’s incredibly popular Instagram account has a whopping 800K followers – and it’s all for great reasons. Her Instagram feed is filled with her recipes – all of which are beautiful, delicious and perhaps most importantly – easy to make!

In February, My shared with the world the story of her courtship with KITLIFE. During a difficult time in both her personal and professional life, she turned to organization “the good ol’ fashioned way.” She found our planner and felt immediate relief from all the overwhelm her stress, anxiety and growing workload was bringing to her.

Here are our BIG 3 highlights from our spotlight with My Nguyen. We had a great time giggling and girl talking with My, and we can’t wait for another opportunity to connect.

1) Our Work is Never Done

Moms, entrepreneurs and women alike often get those feelings that “the work is never done.” This feeling of fighting a growing task list was really weighing on My – and that’s where paper planning really made a difference for her. She writes everything down and prioritizes the most important items (time management Rockstar!) We think there’s no greater thrill, and My tends to agree, than checking an item off in your planner.

2) Rotisserie Chicken for the Win

A curious question for a woman who is known and loved for her foodie-spirit, we asked My what she cooks when you’re not up for cooking. Her answer is simple (and easier than you might think!) Two words: Rotisserie. Chicken. My snags hers from Costco and uses it for soups, salads, tacos and more. Glad to know this foodie also gets down with an easy alternative.

3) Change and Grow – But Be Authentic

Being an influencer is an ever-changing role. Self -taught chef – yes - but in order to maintain her level of influence - she’s also had to adopt photography and videography skills. We had the chance to touch on the importance of “rolling with the punches” but also maintaining your authenticity in the process.

If you didn’t have the chance to watch this interview live – come watch the replay. It was such a fun chat – we know you don’t want to miss it.