kitgirl Spotlight | Design Pandemonium

by Liz Allen

Our first ever #kitgirl Spotlight happened to fall on National Margarita Day (how appropriate!) And it was oh-so-much-fun. We invited the dynamic duo from Design Pandemonium on over to chat with us about all things planners, business and sisterhood.

Design Pandemonium

Design Pandemonium owners (and sisters) Vicki Barnridge and Jessica Delger are quite the fabulous force to be reckoned with. They are kind, creative and centered – the ideal #kitgirl if you ask us. We’d frequented events (including Go Wild) with Vicki and Jessica and knew of them and their brand – so we were thrilled when mutual friend and planner aficionado, Kristin Pickett, introduced us.

It wasn’t far into our courtship that we pursued a collaboration – who wouldn’t want to work with these two gals? I mean c’mon. We together launched a  series of beautiful stickers that were perfectly sized for the kitlife Daily Planner for 2018. These vinyl, removable stickers are a dream combination to our planning style – THEY ARE OUR JAM!

Here are our BIG 3 highlights from our spotlight with Design Pandemonium. But trust us, there were SO many fabulous nuggets that you don’t want to miss – the top 3 were hard to pick.

1) It all started with a silhouette machine and a South Dakota gift shop….

Vicki was on vacation when she stumbled across stickers that commemorated some of her site-seeing adventures in South Dakota. She quickly scooped them up – and her brain went to work. Perhaps that silhouette machine she’d been using to craft cute clothes for Jessica’s kids would have a brand new purpose – planner stickers! Let’s just say the rest is history...

2) Maternity leave, drawings and a sister-sister collaboration

While Jessica was on maternity leave she reached out to her sister to see if she might be able to help her with some drawings for the business. Without hesitation - they decided that their dream of working together was finally going to come true – planner sticker style.

3) Delivering sticker joy, and snacks. Don’t forget about the snacks.

There are MANY communities on Facebook, and we love to acknowledge the Design Pandemonium group to be amongst the very BEST. This tight knit group of girls are much more than just sticker fans, they are FRIENDS. It’s not always easy to find positive spaces on the internet – but this is one of them. So who’s responsible for this warm and welcoming vibe? You guessed it – Jessica and Vicki. Their mission is based around what they call “sticker joy” – and they intend to deliver joy (in the form of stickers and other planner accessories) with each and every shipment. And, these self-titled snack moguls may just sneak in a treat in each order, too.

If you haven’t had the chance YET to watch this interview – come hang. It was SUCH a good time – you don’t want to miss it.