June Favorites

by Liz Allen

June has been filled with all sorts of amazing plans for our 2019 Launch. The dates are winding closer - and we are just so gosh darn excited. In addition to our product launch - we also have some big *OTHER* surprises in store. Stay tuned.



Y'all know I'm nuts about pencils. So creating our own line of punchy pencils was like a dream come true. I'm obsessed with every single pencil in our Pencil Perfection line - so much so that I've literally started wearing them in my hair. Sure - maybe it looks disheveled, but to me it looks prepared.


At Team KIT, we're big fans of Tim Ferriss. And Tim Ferriss is a big fan of white noise. So, guess what else we like? White noise - while we're sleeping and while we're working. In fact, I have a white noise machine on my desk to help alleviate any distractions. I also find that the steady noise keeps me more sharply focused when I need to be. Jenny's a sucker for sleeping to a noise machine - and her favorite at home sleep machine is one she's been raving about all month long - so it's about time we give it a share.


One of the best parts about June? The fact that our Jessica finally moved into her home. She's been going through some major renovations and has been living a bit of a gypsy life since April. While she bounced around from hotel to hotel, she fell in love with this hands free toilet bowel cleaner. No gloves, no problem!



Jenny and I were honored (and delighted) to join the Arizona Planner Girl squad as the Keynote speakers for Plancation 2018. The group of girls that we had the pleasure of talking to were super interactive during our workshop, and their vulnerability literally brought us to tears. It was a hot, hot, hot trip (I know - we're from Florida...but STILL!) and it's one we won't soon forget.



We've been big fans of Cindy since the first time we met her. I literally recall that moment being in the restroom before Cindy took the stage at Go Wild in New Orleans. She was getting pumped up about going up for her speech in a few moments - and boy oh boy - she hit that stage and we never looked back. She had us (and everyone in the audience) laughing for the entire duration of her presentation. When we heard the news of her releasing her very own Podcast we knew it was going to be a must listen. Funny? Certainly. But the content that Cindy is releasing is touching, emotional, moving and eye-opening. It's a must listen whether you are in this beautiful planner community or not.